My first story! Yay! To be updated every so often.

BTW, before calling me vain, the Chief in the story is my seal on AJ, Chief Spiritstone. Not me. That's why nobody else was included. The characters in the story are my sister, brother and I's AJ animals.


Phantoms have been long defeated. It's been years since one has ever been spotted. Jamaa has lived in peace ever since. Until now.

Wolves decided they were dominant, and attempted to take over Jamaa. It wans't surprising, given the wolf population was always the greatest.

However, then tigers decided they were dominant. Then rabbits. Then seals, and so on and so forth.

This led to a massive war between every species in Jamaa. Some even left to travel to find other lands.

But the war ended quickly, but not the hatred. The rage war was morphed into a cold war, and every animal was limited to a certain area of Jamaa, never daring to step foot outside their territory. 

These were the rules, and nobody gave them a second thought.

That is, until, a seal named Chief was born.

She was the only one that dared to make a difference in the silent world.

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