(Notice: The first eight chapters were written during a point in time where the author was not the best writer. Also, some alphas mentioned are not canon alphas, as the canon alphas were not released at the moment. This includes fan alphas for the Kangaroo, Deer, and Polar Bear. Certain lore included involving Captain Melville's Juice Hut and Crystal Sands may not be true by the game's canon.)

Alpha Juniors


The teenage children of the alphas go to Alpha High, an exclusive high school in Jamaa.

Chapter 1: Rosy

It's the first day for students at Alpha High. This story is narrated by a student named Rosy. So, here's her story.

My dad is an important leader in Jamaa. Nobody believes me.

Our teacher was none other than Liza, the panda alpha.

"Hi, Momma!" That was my buddy, Illyana.

I opened my huge history book. In Sir Gilbert's section, there was no mention of a daughter anywhere. No wonder they didn't believe me. I would edit that book if I could.

"i miss you, dad." That wasn't me. It was the shy girl in the seat directly next to me. Her name was Lila. Her book was open to LaSalle's section.

Then, the bell rings. It's time for the second period.

Chapter 2: New Friends

In second period, I'm still next to Lila. I'm also sitting next to 2 other girls. The first girl's name was Dora. The other's was Koko. Dora had a golden locket. It contained a photo of her father, Drake.

The teacher came hopping in. She picked up a piece of chalk and wrote her name on the blackboard.

"Mrs. Kandy," I thought. "Must be a nice teacher".

"I'm your teacher, Mrs. Kandy. But, you can call me Kandy." she announced.


Oh! I forgot to tell you about her. She's another person at my table. Her name is Kasey. As you might have guessed, she is Kandy's daughter.

"Kasey. Is Kandy a good teacher?" I asked her. She plopped a sticky note in front of me. It said "As sure as the sky is blue!" I was looking forward to class.

(Added Author's Note: The alphas featured in this chapter were not written in clearly enough to let the reader know what animal they represent. Kandy is for the kangaroos and Drake is for the deer (not the canon shark alpha). Thank you for understanding)

Chapter 3: LUNCH TIME

At lunch, I sat with Koko from second period. She was the daughter of Cosmo, the koala alpha. She had a locket, just like Dora. It had a photo of her with her dad on vacation at Kimbara Outback.

Speaking of Dora, she also sat with me.

Koko’s lunch had 3 Chomper Creme Pies- her father’s special recipe. She handed us some. I opened my bag of Claw Crunchies.

“Wow! Claw Crunchies!” Dora said in amazement. “Those haven’t even been shipped to stores yet!”

“Well, my father’s the creator.” I replied.

“Woah! You’re the daughter of Sir Gilbert! AWESOME!” Koko responded.

Well, now someone believes.

Chapter 4: Origins

Fourth period is Genealogy. We all took our laptops out of our satchel bags. We all went to to look up genealogy.

The girls around me were surprised at their partner's results. My partner, Elyse, saw who my father was. Her break dropped. After generations of alphas being scrolled through, my eagle buddy had spotted Sir Gilbert connected to me.

"So you're the daughter of the tiger alpha! You are lucky! You get Claw Crunchies and a lifelong stay at Crystal Sands beach resort!"

"Yeah! My uncle, Melville, built a juice hut when he first discovered Crystal Sands on his sailboat!"

"Wait, so your uncle is the founder of Captain Melville's Juice Hut! I love that place!"

"In the summer, I get to invite a bunch of my friends to the beach!"


Friendship Achieved!

(Added Author Note: Please do not go to I don't think it's even a real site.)

Chapter 5: Romance

The bell rung and I headed to my locker to get my supplies for art. Mine had decent flair, but not as expensive as others. As I watched disgusted as Pandora the polar bear snarfed up a lemon snow cone, I grabbed my supplies.

I turned and suddenly, the world went in slow motion. It was Harry, the cutest guy in the 9th grade.

"Me-ow!" I cooed softly. Harry's beautiful blue satchel fluttered across his shoulder as he padded off to his next class.

"Hey, sweetie!" Pandora said, "Fun fact about Harry: HE'S MINE!!!!" Pandora began to snap at me with her polar bear teeth, but I galloped off to art class, unscathed.

Chapter 6: The Art in Heart

Even without looking at the sign, I could tell it was the art room. The little window depicted flowers falling the beyond in stained glass. The door had more raining flowers on it. I opened the door and took a seat.

The teacher was doodling a fantasy of her class. As the purple bunny art tutor caught herself on guard and cleared her throat, a knock came at the floral door. "Come in!" she cooed.

A familiar otter padded in. His paw was wrapped with a small cast. It was Harry! But, why did he have a cast?

"Sorry I'm late... I slipped on the wet floor. No one had marked it!"

"Take a seat!"

He sat in the open seat next to mine. My heart skipped a beat.

Our bunny teacher grabbed a piece of chalk as white as Pandora the savage student. She introduced herself as Mrs. Peck. She rewrote her name with the Pandora white chalk. It cascaded across the board, but the writing was in illuminating rainbow colors. Note to self: Ask for rainbow chalk for my birthday.

"You may know me as Hazel's mom."

Hazel, the sand brown bunny at my side, blushed shyly.

"Now, class. This is a simple assignment I LOVE to start all my students with! Today, we're putting the ART in HEART!" She drew a rainbow heart with ART in the middle.

Peck also wrote our assignment as she explained it. "To put the ART in HEART, you'll need to draw the thing you love the most in the world!"

I knew JUST what to do! I should draw Harry! But, Mrs. Peck had also said that we would share these at the end of class. So, I drew and colored everyone I had befriended that day, including Harry, to present it as "friends".

We all shared at the end of class. Everyone admired my friend drawing. Hazel even faced her fear and presented her piece on "loving the world". Harry apparently did "friends" too. I noticed that Pandora was nowhere on the sheet and I had a bolder outline than the others. I must be so special to him. Take THAT, Pandora!

Chapter 7: One Way Ticket to Love

After we returned to Liza's homeroom, we packed up our assignments and returned home. I carefully dodged Pandora as she growled and headed into the Mt. Shiveer subway, where her father, Frigid, snarfed up a chocolate ice cream, barely missing his icicle necklace. I said goodbye to my friends and boarded the Crystal Sands subway, paws linked with Harry's.

The subway was relatively quiet today, probably because Harper and her pup daughter were absent.

"So... about Pandora..." Harry said. Oh no, I thought he's probably gonna tell me to back off!

"She's not my girlfriend any more. When I slipped on the wet floor, I heard her snapping at you. Are you okay?"

"Yes... I'm fine." We continued chatting about Pandora's savage ways and the terrible time he had as her boyfriend.

Then, the train chimed. "My father's here to pick me up. See you tomorrow, Rosy!"

Before he left, he gave me a kiss. RIGHT. ON. THE LIPS. My heart almost BLEW UP with happiness. I waited on the station bench for my father, lovestruck.

Chapter 8: Life is as Sweet as Claw Crunchies

The next day, Harry gave me a lovey-dovey hug before class and I tried to not let the lovesick dragonflies in my stomach distract me from learning. Harry even sat with me and my friends.

After Genealogy, I realized that I'd have to make some reasoning with Pandora. I came up with a perfect lie stating we were just friends.

But, Pandora was absent from the halls. She must have gotten the rare Mt. Shiveer Flu or something. I headed to the art room and along the way, I passed the Detention/Suspension punishment room. Pandora was in there, scraping her claws on her desk. Knowing that Pandora was secured, I skipped merrily to my favorite class.

Chapter 9: New GaI

Mrs. Peck was behind someone when I arrived. Everyone was looking at her. "Uh... Hi... I am Roxy, I am the daughter of Reed." I looked at her. She was sky blue with a purple flower crown and a hoodie. She was beautiful.

We waited for the assignment to start. "Alright class, your assignment is to try and draw your feelings about this school." Mrs. Peck looked at the attendance list. (Sorry if this is a bad starting to the chapter feel free to change anything. -Why Do I Exist)

Chapter 10: The Flyer

Chapter 11: Free Day

Chapter 12: The Big Dance

Chapter 13: I'm So Sorry

Chapter 14: A Polar Bear Dressed In Orange

Chapter 15: Goodbye Pandora...