Beware of some mate-beggars or girls/boys who want to be a relationship. They are not always messed up little kids trying to date on a gaming website.

I'm Victory SuperNinja. I am a member fox and I am male. I usually wear stuff from epic wonders and all the girl foxes are always saying to me, "Hey. I like you." or, "Want to date?" and even, "Hey, do you want my house number?" I always kindly say no. Some of them understand and leave me alone. Most of them get mad or sad and starts to beg. A few sometimes threaten me. But 1 week ago, I rejected a fox called Queen ArcticRose. And what she did to me is unbelievable. In fact, ever since what happened, when a girl asks me out, I change into a girl fox and say, "I'm a girl." But since this is about Queen, I'll stop talking about what I did after the "problem."

1 week ago, I was walking around Jamaa. Same mate-beggars. But then there was a girl called Queen ArcticRose. She had the lightest purple appearance and had the "secret color" for patterns. She has stars. She was wearing epic wonder stuff like me. She was wearing a diamond tiara, diamond earrings, diamond ring and the diamond necklace. She had light pink eye color. I was a little freaked out because I thought you couldn't wear a diamond tiara and earrings at the same time. But then I thought it was a glitch. She kept yelling out, "I AM THE DIAMOND QUEEN! OBEY ME, FOOLS!" Her username read, "TheDiamondQueen". Then, she spotted me. She typed in . Flips perfect fur and winks at Victory . I just typed in : Looks at Queen :. And like any other girl she typed in, "You're cute. Want to date?" I quickly typed in, "No, sorry." Then, she did the angry member emotion and then the scuffle emotion. (The one with the dust, it's for members it looks like fighting.") Then she typed out in caps, "I AM THE QUEEN! WHY NOT!" I just silently typed in "I'm already taken... and uh to be honest... you're not very cute." And of course, I was not taken and I never will be. She then did the crying nm emotion with the 2 tears. After a few minutes she then did the surprise emotion then the vampire member one. Then she disappeared.

A few hours later, I was playing Jamaa Derby. After a few rounds, I got a jam a gram. From Queen. When I opened it said "REJECTION IS BRUTAL." I just deleted it. But at that very second I got another one from her and it said the exact same thing, "REJECTION IS BRUTAL." And I deleted that too. But then I got ANOTHER one from her and it said the same as the last 2 times. Then, I blocked her and deleted it. But then I got ANOTHER one from her. But this time it's different. It said, "LOOK AT MY PLAYER CARD. AM I PRETTY YET? When I opened it up, my computer crashed. It rebooted. When it was on my desktop, my backround was different. My old one had a picture of my fox with the caption below, "Wild Animal." But now it had Queen and it said, "So Cute." When I tried to change it back, it denied. I just left it like that and went on Animal Jam. What I didn't know something... was waiting for me on the game.

When I got back, the homepage had Queen on it. It said, "AM I PRETTY YET?" I logged in quickly to get rid of that photo. But even the loading screen had a picture of Queen and she was doing the playing animation. It said, "So cute." When I got on, my fox had the X mark eyes. Its colors were vomit-like green. The fur was a black and the pattern was red. It looked like splattered blood. Then, Queen appeared in front of me. She said, "You are a ugly, no good monster compared to me. Am I pretty yet? If you say yes, you'll return to normal. If no.." she didn't say anything else. But I did not take her warning and I said, "No." She then did the angry member emotion and did the laughing member emotion. Then, my fox suddenly disappeared. Animal Jam then clicked out itself. Then, the picture of Queen for my desktop was different. This time, I was with Queen. My head was seperated from my body. The caption read, "Am I Pretty Yet?"

(That's all. Sorry, I was lazy.)