Chapter 1: URGHNO!

Once upon a time, there was a group of people who were bored and had nothing else to do at the moment. Their names were Micha, Nunya, Kenz, and Breakfast. They were hungry and wanted muffins.

" urgh nur! i forgut da murfins! " Nunya said.

" urgh nur! what willz we do? " Breakfast yelled.

" How about we go find them? " Kenz said, obviously being smarter than Breakfast and Nunya. They cheered as they all marched to King LolICantThinkOfAName's castle on top of a tall mountain. They all knew that he stole the muffins because nobody likes him and he's too lazy to get any food. Why was he too lazy? He was a fat unicorn. DUH. ( What? Do you want me to say he's an obese idiot? .....Yeah, thought so. )

Chapter 2: URGHNO AGAIN!

As they were walking, they came upon a puddle. It was about six inches across. " urgh nur! a lake! how will get urcross? " Breakfast asked.

" maybee a gyant chimera will fall from the skai and give us a ride! " Nunya explained.

" That obviously isn't going to hap- " Kenz was stopped there, as a giant chimera fell down from the sky with doughnuts, and gave the trio a ride across the puddle.

" Okay, I don't know how the heck that happened, but we could have just walked around it. " Kenz stated. As an hour passed, they were at the top of LolICantThinkOfAName's caste. As the chimera flew off, leaving a trail of rainbow farts behind, the trio walked inside the castle.

Chapter 3: Terrible Ending!

Long story short, inside the castle they saw Sanic, Dave, and Shrek having a tea party. They also saw Barney being shot in the head. Lord LolICantThinkOfAName and he was fatter than ever. Sadly, he ate all the muffins, so Nunya beat him up and bought more muffins. Before they could eat, though, they were all killed by the chimera because he was hungry. Then the chimera was slayed by a titan. Then the titan was eaten by a giant cat named Mr. Fluffy Butter. And finally, Mr. Fluffy Butter was eaten by a mutant cupcake.


Never eat muffins. EVER.

The end. C:

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