This story was originally started up in a Minecraft mod called CustomNPCs. I created a whole village full of the custom NPCs and made my story out of that. I'll be writing their lives down in this one and two sequels. Each will have five chapters.


Blaze stood in her lookout post, gazing out over the village. Mist ringed it in, and her staff glowed with a suppressed fiery light. She could barely see the broken-down walls that used to surround the castle. But they didn't need those now. The village was guarded by everyone imaginable: an ancient ninja warrior, a traveling Enderman, a defected Russian soldier. This was the village of refuge, and no one was judged there. At least not openly.

Blaze turned around, gazing into the center of the village. All was still. Even the mist was staying in place, frozen.

Blaze spun slowly in a circle, gazing out over the village. Something was missing... yes, it was. Anarchia was missing.

Anarchia was a demon the three founding brothers of the village had harnessed to protect it. He had never broken free, but had almost unbeatable power... and he would unleash it upon the village in time.

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