I loooove AJ so much! I love the adventures~ My favorite adventure is the Search for Greely! But... it's also one of my least favorites. I'll tell you all why!

Some time ago, when the Search for Greely first came out, I decided to play its hard mode by myself for the phantom gear. The adventure didn't render for me so I reloaded. When I did, the whole layout of the page changed! Sure, it was still Animal Jam, but it felt like the person who made the website didn't have much experience with coding. The page's main color was white and there were few pictures. On the bottom, there was a small line of text which stated:

Animal Jam, 2006

When I saw that, I almost squealed. Did I somehow go back to the beta beta version of AJ? I could become so rare! Is what I thought, so I logged in on my account. Strangely, the game loaded into an area which resembled the Search for Greely. Except, it didn't really resemble it. This 2006 version of AJ had a  much more cartoony style. It was very unappealing to my eyes. I met Greely at the end of the hallway I was stuck in, said somethings that I didn't pay attention to, WHOOSHED away, and left behind a treasure chest. I couldn't open it, but I saw that another path had opened.

I went in the secondary room. There was a statue. I touched it. I realized the statue was made to the image of Zios. And I realized I wasn't in a room. I was in a temple. And then... all of the alphas WHOOSHED into the temple. Greely started yelling at my character. He shouted things like,"WHY DIDN'T YOU OPEN THE CHEST?!" or "I TOLD YOU TO!" There was a large thudding noise coming from the front gate of the temple. And then a crash.

My screen flashed. The alphas were fighting with the phantoms! I think they were phantoms. They didn't look like the ingame phantoms. But the alphas lost and the phantoms destroyed the temple. The statue fell and crashed onto multiple animals that were fighting with us. The game ended with me staring at the screen dumbfounded. The page automatically refreshed and went back to the modern Animal Jam. It was a very weird instance.

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