This is moreso a collection of stories based off of experiences I've had while playing late at night on AJ. These stories are different though, for they're being told from the animal's point of view, not mine.

Story one: Well, this is awkward

Time - Aprox. 12:00am

Fauna's fridge wouldn't stop humming. It was very old, who could she blame. Problem was, her room was directly next to the kitchen, plus Flora is snoring a lot. Fauna can't sleep, plain and simple. She decided to go to a party, the dinner party in particular. Once Fauna got there, it was hard to find a seat, especially because she was a seal and couldn't move around on land as well as a wolf or tiger.

Just as she went to sit down on the outside balcony, she saw a small group of what she calls "unpopulars". Animals like koalas, monkies, and pandas huddled around the outside fireplace. Silent. Eventually, a monkey said "Let's go." and all the animals started teleporting away. Being the snoopy detective she is, Fauna jumped to the monkey's den.

But when she checked the name she gasped. Oh no. OH NO. She'd seen him before in township while in Aldan once. He was a well known member and leader of one of the biggest scamming gang. And Fauna had just stepped in on a meeting. She quickly ran to a flag, and thankfully, she was hidden with a view of the conversation. The monkey was talking about if anyone scammed anything, in which when people did, they traded him the items (everyone was a non-member). By the end of the meeting, the monkey has all sorts of items on, and even some new things in his den. Fauna was terrified that the flag she was hiding behind would be moved, but it wasn't.

When the meeting was over, Fauna rushed home as quickly as she could. She got home to find a exausted Flora banging on the fridge with a metal box, with a phantom still in it.

"Where've you been at?" Flora asked in a semi-frustrated tone.

"C-call the cops..." was all Fauna could mutter. She had literally survived being with the world's most profitable scammer for more than 2 minutes.

The next day, the fridge stopped humming, and a certain monkey had been carted off to jail.

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