• References to other stories/Creepypastas.
  • Very Kidlike/Funny. No Scares here!
  • Non-Canon. May seem real, but it's not.
  • Using Google Translate. Don't blame me if you translate this and bad-word comes up. NOT MY FAULT. NOT MY FAULT!!

Introduction: Timeline

You know the timeline of the series.

Dark Days > Beta Days > New World.

But what if I told you there was something before Dark Days? That's JUST what I'm going to do. Introuducing..... Animal Jam: Minebear!

Chapter 1: Platforms

The Demo only came out on the NES: Anniversary Edition in Japan (NESアニバーサリーエディション). It was called アニマル·ジャム:トロッコベア in Japan. It came out in America on the Gameboy in Nintendo Spaceworld 1964.
AJ Minebear (5)

Animal Jam: Minebear title screen. Sorry for bad quality.

Chapter 2: Alphas

The only Alpha in the Demo was Greely, and your goal was to rescue him. People say Liza was a Cameo, but it wasn't like any of the Lizas we've had. Even that creepy one... When you rescued greely, he would say "Anyways, Thank you for rescuing me and for not jumping on the ice. It disturbs my sleep!" Maybe this is an explaination of the cracking ice in Mt. Shiveer and all of those "DON'T JUMP ON THE ICE" and "Dead Greely" Creepypastas........
AJ Minebear (2)

Glitch. Rescued, but still leashed up!

AJ Minebear (3)

What greely says when you rescue him

AJ Minebear (4)

Stuck, Greely? I can rescue you if I need to...

Chapter 3: Phantoms

Phantoms were obstacles in Animal Jam: Minebear. If you hit one, you'd lose a Minecart. When you lost all of your Minecarts, it was-You guessed it, Game Over.

Chapter 4: Playability

It had alot of glitches, and due to the SNES coming out sooner or later, it was cancelled. They had a hard time moving it from 8-bit to 16-bit, so it was just cancelled. X. Dead.  

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