Lets give this a shot! :)


Name: Swimming Spiritfox

Gender: Boy

Appearance: Orange fur with black and white, blue eyes, rare blue worn, rare blue fox hat and wind gauntlets.

Age: 12

Name: Junior Spiritfox

Gender: Boy

Appearance: Red fox with white and blue eyes

Age: 7

Name: Fauna Spiritfox

Gender: Girl

Appearance: White fox with blue eyes.

Age: 12

Name: Victory Snowboy

Gender: Boy

Appearance: White and pale gray arctic wolf with blue eyes

Age: 12

Name: Mythical Ivyflower

Gender: Boy

Appearance: White snow leopard with black spots

Age: 12

Name: Mythical Superspirit

Appearance: Grey-blue wolf with red-pink eyes, dark green mohawk, rare gray worn, phantom gauntlets.

Gender: Boy

Age: ???

Name: Doctor Fieryninja

Appearance: Black and white wolf with entirely blue eyes and a massive Scottish claymore.

Gender: Male.

Age: 50

Name: Huge Gassyelephant

Appearance: Yellow elephant with brown eyes, green stripes, and a turkey hat.

Gender: Girl

Age: 20

Name: Snowflake Snowyleopard

Appearance: Snow Leopard with dark blue eyes, yellow spots, orange fur, and a very light pink underbelly. Always wears her sword and fire amulet and has a pet owl named Firewings

Gender: Girl

Age: 23

Name: Daredevil Spiritwolf

Appearance: An Arctic Wolf with black and silver fur and black eyes. Wears a dark red Elf Armor, silver Spiked Collar and orange Ram Horns.

Gender: Girl

Age: 19


The occupations are:

Gatekeeper of Suri (Snowflake Snowyleopard) (Closed)

Epic Wonders Shop Assistant Daredevil Spiritwolf (X3)

Prisinor at Suri X3

First Five (Junior, Swimming, Mythical (Myth) Victory, Fauna) (Closed)

EWSA and PaS are kind of... like... 1 EWSA and and 2 PaS, 2 EWSA and 1 Pas 3 EWSA 0 PaS 3 PaS 0 EWSA... you get the idea...

Chapter 1

Swimming entered Jamma Township, which was packed, as always.

He slowly padded into the line of Jammazianans waiting to take a turn on the daily spin and tried his hardest to avoid eye-contact with any of them, there were a few he knew well, usually ones who had gotten angry at his declines for putting his fox hat or worn on trade.

Swimming felt paws poke him none too gently in the back, urging him to go forwards. It was a few more minutes before he got to the front of the line and muttered, "Swimming, of the Spiritfox family."

It felt weird to Swimming, saying, 'family' because it was only him, his sister Fauna, brother Junior, and his two best friends Mythical (whom everyone just called Myth) and Victory, who, strangely enough, was a boy.

After all, his parents, Lucky and Queen, had passed away when Swimming and Fauna were 10, and poor little junior was only 5.

"Just spin it already, Swimming Stuipedfox," someone behind Swimming growled.

Swimming rolled his eyes, of course, hiding the gesture from whoever had spoken. Spinning the little gold knob on the spinner, he watched as the little spinner went around and around and... landed on the 300 gem mark.

There was a clattering as 3 purple gems were deposited into the deposit box, and Swimming, scooping them up, went back to his den to give his brother and sister their 100 before going to buy that Feburary birthstone to complete his collection.

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