The scammers in Jamaa. Everyone doesn't like when their best item gets flashed or scammed/hacked. But do you know the feeling of getting your Spiked Collar taken away? I'm sure many of you do, and this happened to a jammer, years ago. This is their story.

"BEST TRADE GETS MY LIST!" A jammer called out, dancing. "I DO NOT SCAM!" Nobody was trading the person, really. Until a jammer eventually traded them. The arctic wolf that looked so trustworthy had many betas and rares on their list, so the jammer traded their spiked collar, as they wanted everything.

The arctic wolf had accepted the trade and scammed the spike right before the jammer's eyes.

"HEY!" The jammer called. The arctic wolf had left.

Now, in Jamaa, all the scammers will be taken to the jammer's den, to be taken away, forever.

Thank you for reading <3

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