So you think you know everything to Animal jam Right? Wrong. Not everything... There is a... Monster... No not one but six... I think you know who they are... The protectors of Jamaa. The Jamasiaans don't even know about it, but I do... You Think Jamaa is safe? No... Not anymore...  My name is Dappleclaw a warrior in Skyclan on Animal Jam, the real names Infinitysign88. I started to move around and talk to Jamaasians and as I heard someone say "Go to my den for something SPECIAL" I decided to go to report him as if I hadn't thought something else would happen I went there. And I found Guys and Girls of all ages and a person standing there in the front of the house. I saw people that looked like Jamaas heroes. The heroes led them into a dungeon and 4 Minutes late came up and said its done and they left a kid down there... After most of the animals disappeared into the dungeon I was stuck there, The heroes looking at me. I looked up and unsheathed my claws as if ready to pounce. Liza giggled as if she were laughing at me. She was. Liza grabbed me by my paw and took me down I saw blood everywhere. I thought "What the heck?!" I seen a bunnies head hanging from the ceiling and a foxes bones covered in flesh and under the flesh were bones. I looked ahead and saw the rest of the heroes. They looked at me and nodded. Then they spoke, "Infinity, we have brought you here because you are one of us, you have earned your name as Dappleclaw but will be taking on something else. If you tell anyone about this, there will be consequences!" Liza leaned in on me and added "I give you the name Dapplestar you are leader of love, You are nice and kind you will lead Jamaasians here and you know what will happen. We have to many Jamaassians sacrifices must be made!" She said. I whimpered in fear I said "Okay... Liza..." She then muttered "Go..." I ran as fast as I could out of that cave and ran straight to my friend Pandalover332. I told her all about it and all her reply was "That makes no sense Infinity don't be crazy! Your not a clan leader and maybe you just dreamt that! You know how you sleep late!" I muttered "Maybe.." I went back to my house/Clan and found them standing there. There eyes bloodshot and there faces were the mixture of anger and sorrow. "WE GAVE YOU A CHANCE! AND YOU BROKE IT!" screamed Greely. The room blackened and I was shaking my legs. I feel to the ground and saw that my tail was being torn off by Greely. I yowled and whimpered in pain as blood gushed out of it. I then saw my tongue and jaw being ripped off. I screamed in pain as they were torn out by Liza. I then seen hands grab my eyes and pull them out of my eye sockets by Graham. I writhed in pain as I could see the light going dim and my vision turned fuzzy. So the question is, what a I? My name is now Brokeneyes... Most people ask in somethings were did the heroes come from? I can answer that clearly... Hell and so did I...

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