Have you heard of the forgotten Alpha? He was once known by everyone, and still is, but he is known as a different name now. His name was Alf.

Alf was a bunny, and he looked cute and innocent. Everybody picked on him and said, "Oooh, look at that little wittle cute bunny!". Alf tried to ignore them but most of the time, a big wolf bully named Stag showed up and started bullying him.

Often, Alf would get punched in the face and pulled by the tail. He had gotten quite used to Stag, and after a month or two, Alf decided to not be the "little wittle cute bunny" that he looked like. He became like Stag.

The only difference between Stag and Alf is that Alf was much meaner and crueler. He would beat up all the other animals until they were bleeding and had broken bones. One day, the Alphas came to investigate.

"Who has beaten up all of the animals of Jamaa?" Liza asked.

Alf stepped up. "It wasn't anybody, it was their own faults." he said.

Liza looked at him."What do you mean?"

Alf lied to the Alphas and explained that they fell into a hidden hole that never ended. "And do you know where, little bunny?" Greely snarled, suspicious of Alf.

"I covered it up with some wood." Alf replied.

"Well, sir," Cosmo said. "you deserve a reward!"

Alf acted like he was surprised. "W-what?! No, Cosmo... It's okay, you don't have to do anything."

"Of course we do!" Cosmo exclaimed. "You are now the new bunny Alpha!" Alf grinned secretly. His plan had worked.

The next day, the Alphas visited him and gave him a tour of the HQ.

"Again, thank you so much!" Alf exclaimed with fake happiness for the 86th time.

"You can stop saying that." Greely snarled viciously. Alf pretended to be sad and lowered his head.

"Greely, be nice to... Uh, what was your name?" Cosmo said.

"Alf." he replied.

"Okay, Greely, don't be mean to Alf!" Cosmo scolded Greely. Greely rolled his eyes. "Fine," he said.

Alf was enjoying himself, demanding that the other players obey him. The Alphas had given Alf a new name because he wanted a new one. It was Storm.

"Storm, why..?" everybody cried. Storm continued to bully the other players until there was only one player left to bully. Stag.

Storm traveled to Stag's den and burst through the diamond door, leaving a big hole in the middle. Stag turned around with a snarl.

"Why you..." Stag stopped as soon as he saw Storm. "Enjoying your new life?" he growled, not very fierce. Storm grinned. "Right now is going to be the best moment of my life."

Storm began to hit Stag with the blows Stag used to use on him. Then, he used the most hurtful ones in the world of Jamaa. Stag screamed and Storm enjoyed it a lot. Storm cackled and Stag half screamed and half snarled, "THE ALPHAS WILL FIGURE YOU WHAT YOU ARE DOING! YOU WILL-" Stag was cut off and Storm grabbed a knife off the wall and stabbed Stag in the heart. Stag went limp and a pool of blood was spreading across the floor.

Storm became very evil after that. Stag and Storm became one in Storm's body. They killed and murdered millions of innocent jammers. One day, a bloody Arctic Wolf that was a worker limped to the Alphas HQ. "ALPHAS!" he screamed. The Alphas hurried to the worker. "What happened to you?!" Sir Gilbert asked. "Storm..." the worker gasped, and then he collapsed in a heap.

The Alphas set out to find Storm. When Storm learned that the Alphas were hunting him, he killed more and more jammers, and moved quickly. One day, Storm saw the Alphas, but they didn't see him. Storm had a plan. A very clever one.

The Alphas looked and looked for him. "WHERE IS THAT LITTLE STUPID BUNNY?!" Greely roared as he pawed a dead koala. At that moment, a bloody, one-eyed bunny limped towards them. "A-Alphas?" he gasped as he limped faster. Liza hurried to the bunny and asked, "Have you seen Storm?" The bunny nodded and told her, "This way." The other Alphas began to follow them, but he told them to stay. Then, he limped away with Liza. A few moments later, they heard a scream. "It's Liza!" Cosmo yelled. "Hurry! That bunny led her into a trap!" The rest of the Alphas ran as fast as they could. By the time they reached Liza, she was bloody and had a lot of cuts. "That way..." she gasped and pointed. Greely and Sir Gilbert picked up Liza and hurried in the direction Liza pointed. Then, they saw the bunny. He was taking off makeup and then, they saw that the bunny was Storm! Greely and Sir Gilbert put Liza down and started to stalk towards Storm in the tall grass like a cat. Then, at the same time, they leaped for Storm and clawed him. Storm shrieked and fell over into a little hole. Greely pulled Storm out and Sir Gilbert reached for Storm, but Storm wriggled out of his grasp and turned in a wolf. He padded away and the Alphas went back to their HQ and began to fix up Jamaa.

Alf is still out there today, but he isn't known as Alf anymore. He sends viruses to other players. He is known as Fman.