Hey! So we could make one big page with all of our confessions, rants and ideas to make the game better! If you would like to add an idea, rant, or confession for this page, you can choose to make yourself anonymous, animal name, or username :D! NOTE THAT THE SECTION NAMED "Random Jammers" IS WHEN YOU SURVEY RANDOM JAMMERS AND SEE WHAT THEY WOULD LIKE TO ADD! Thanks! Also, here are the rules:

  • Don't delete or edit anyone else's post without their permission and if it is a typo or grammatical/punctuation error.
  • Don't cuss
  • Keep it kinda brief. You can explain what happened if you're adding, but don't write a whole essay!
  • Don't steal other people's ideas! Of course you may not be the first person to think non-freechat users should be able to say 'but', but it helps to keep a page fresh!
  • Don't troll this page.
  • Don't talk about personal information! You may only say EITHER your username, name, animal name or anonymous! Don't say your address, phone number, email, ect.
  • Don't advertise!
  • Don't be mad at me for making these rules! Pwease :3


  • I once tried dancing for diamonds at the Diamond Shop. -KoishiSan
  • I swear at people who are mean to me or my friends
  • I once made an entire party of seals just so we could jump on the ice at Mount Shiveer and get membership :T. -Snowflake Loopypaws
  • I was stupid enough to allow my member account to be hacked. Now I play as a non-member on one of my spares. -Kawaii
  • I secretly create nonmember accounts and go to the pillow room to get adopted, then say things like "poops on expensive handmade rug" to make the parent annoyed. -Anonymous
  • The only reason I'm rare is because I exploited my friend one time. -Dipwad the Great


  • Is it me or are the rare item Monday items getting uglier and less original and unique?
  • I hate how sometimes non-members complain about that they are treated unfairly in updates and by AJHQ, ect. Members keep the game running and have paid real money to unlock these features.
  • (Arabella)- I HATE the sort of role players and story makers who pretend to be the queen of the phantoms, son of Greely, this and that of AJHQ.. It just really gets on my nerves. Especially how in stories it's sort of judgemental. It's like saying you're the most popular person in the world and have some kind of trio of nicknames, powers, and chuck in stuff like 'derp' and 'To be honest, (character) is kinda dumb..' To make themselves sound like they're being funny. I could rant all day about the sort of people who act like every other person is a peasant, or lie on their profile as if it's a story. Sure, it's funny to do the 'I AM A sausage hotdog' on your profile, but on your description saying stuff like 'I just found out I'm the daughter of Peck. My brother Ultimatecoolbuttholewhodoesn'tevenexist has super powers, too! I'm saving the world from an invasion right now. Anyone reading my arrogant profile wI'll feel bad about themselves :))))))))' God, I could rant for ages.
  • Ok, so, this rant is about people who make videos about people who did something once. So there was this nm who was trying to scam, and when I called them a scammer, they said I was fat. I starting cursing at them, and this jammer tells me to go to their den. You know what they tried to make me do? GIVE MY SPIKE AND SHE WOULDN'T POST IT!!! I didn't, and I don't know if the video is even on youtube, but if you see anything, notify me.
  • A little 8 year old, it seemed, asked if there were any strip clubs she could go to, and I yelled at her. Another jammer thought I was being the bully, so I said that she asked if there were any "stripe clubs" and got banned for a day. I hate Animal Jam so much. yet i play it every day even at this age lol
  • Somebody accused me of scamming once because I was busy criticizing elephants in Township. They were all, "REPORT SKYSWIRL FOR SCAMMING!" and they were hidden in the huge mass of animal avatars so nobody could see their username.
  • I think that AJHQ should give no members a bit more freedom. I mean, compared to games like CP and Moshi Monsters, nonmembers on AJ have MUCH more freedom already, but still. AJHQ should be focusing more on slowly encouraging non members to get memberships, but making more for them, or a new animal for all players, rather than making them more and more jealous of member players until they are sort of forced to buy a membership to fit in more.
  • We need more inventory space.
  • Make better rare Monday's!
  • The Trading Party needs to be fixed.
  • More of the (animal)s Only Parties.
  • Stop releasing our beta items! -hugs gazelle horns-
Random Jammers
  • "I hat how they wasted an update space on making pet pigs I mean rlly AJ?" - Flora Sillybug
  • "Spikes are a lot less rarer :I Adventures ruined it for me." - Queen Arcticwolf
  • "We seriously need more buddy slots o,o"- Awesome Bravelynx
  • "I tried ha132cking and item gener132ator sites."- Laughing Templemoon
  • "ppl treat me unfairly because I'm new. This rlly needs to stop I might quit maybe."- Bouncing Cottonbunny
  • "I try random passwords to get into acts." - Polar Bear
  • "I pretend to be less rare than I actually am because I enjoy being more 'normal'." -Duchess Arcticwolf

Note this does NOT mean real products, just things such as 'Offers for my fox hat?', or 'In five minutes, trading party at my den!'

  • I'm doing a cream Arctic Hood giveaway. Jag me to enter! (I am KoishiSan, I will buddy you if you win!) More details on Chloe's Instagram, KoishisanAJ
  • I'm trying to get rid of my member/unwanted items, but nobody seems to want them (Hoppin' Around, robo-Dragons, more music, Autumn Archway, etc..) I'm Cyk3s0wl on Animal Jam.
People To Report

Grossape, for what it sounds like, raping unsuspecting jammers.

Funny/WTF Things That Have Happened To You In AJ!
  • A war between Mini Shystars and Mini Dukes for a tomato. ...don't ask.
  • Some new jammer running around yelling "TO HAT OR NOT TO HAT THAT IS THE QUESTION!!"
  • (Iuvmy2cats) In the pillow room me and some other people had a poke war (idk don't ask)\
  • In my den New Jammer was pretending to eat my Deer Poop item!

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