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  • FireFlows


    June 24, 2017 by FireFlows

    Hi guys.

    I will be taking a two week hiatus since I will be on vacation.

    I will be going to the Phillipines, and I am not allowed to take my iPad, therefore I will not be able to contact you guys/I will be able to contact everyone rarely.

    That is tomor…

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  • Kat2wind2archer

    “Bird, tell me a story.”

    “It’s late, mouse. Go to sleep.”

    “Tell me a story! You’ve told the other birds, why not tell a mouse?”

    “Go to sleep.”

    “Please! I won’t be able to fall sleep. I’m curious! You haven’t told the story to a lot of people. I’d like t…

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  • AdorableEspurr193

    They told me who did it

    I didn't listen

    They told me what happened

    I didn't listen

    Then told me when it occurred

    I didn't listen

    They told me where it took place

    I didn't listen

    They told me why they did it

    I didn't listen

    They told me how they were angered

    I …

    Read more >
  • Abbykurle


    i was kinda bored

    and i want to draw

    so lemme give you some art

    tell me what to draw, i will draw it and show you


    lemme give you some art

    and gimme some things to draw

    (My cats are doing that really whiny meow right now cause they want food)

    Read more >
  • AdorableEspurr193


    June 22, 2017 by AdorableEspurr193

    You are alone, child.

    There is only darkness for you,

    and only death for your people.

    These ancients are just the beginning.

    I will command a great and terrible army,

    and we will sail to a billion worlds.

    We will sail until every light has been extinguish…

    Read more >

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