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  • BlackDragonKid

     Chorus walked through the mind village. Now it was cold. Because it was always wintering there. She waved to Alpha and Secret. They waved back. Out of the blue, When she came back to her house. There was a Dreamcatcher, Decorated with black feather…

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  • Kat2wind2archer

    Before reading, do note that any information about how dreamcatchers work or are used here, is not true. I've actually searched for it, but I haven't found anything but legends that I didn't really want to use in this work, so yeah e,e

    (though the me…

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  • Fadestep AJ

    My story, Midnight Meeting, is open to 7 new characters, but they need to fit certain roles.

    •  Pack Of Order Wolf - A wolf who sets their loyalty in the pack of wolves which Darkeyes is in. 4x
    • Phantom Cooperation Animal - An animal who is allied with t…

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  • Fadestep AJ

    Clocks is a long way from being finished(ya ready for a rocky ride?) and Midnight Meeting(will change the cringy name later) is shorter than Clocks but still just in the beginning stages. Another one in the Clocks Saga to come is Perilous.(the main …

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  • AdorableEspurr193

    A Feathered Hope

    August 17, 2017 by AdorableEspurr193

    I pick up my dreamcatcher, examining it's features. Each feather is snow-white with a black tip. I like the colors.

    It reminds me of Patch.

    I hold an old picture from my dresser, one that had evidently been sitting there for years. I don't know why I …

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