Not for jammers below 12

Animal Jam used to be a place with lots of locations none here today like Volcanic Islands, Jammer Hangout, Chilly Canyons, Groovy Greens, etcetera. There were clothing items like Smoothie Hats, Clock Glasses, superhero capes, Diamond Encrusted Shoes and Gear glasses. Very few people (including me, that's why I'm telling you this story) was selected to play Animal Jam Testing.

Then one day, a panda was stabbed in the neck in Tropical Ruins with the Golden Alpha Sword.

"That's just, just." I grabbed a bucket and threw up in reality.

The next day I found a bunny decapitated near Jammer Mall. This is just plain ridiculous, I thought. I took a screenshot to tell AJHQ. But before I could E-Mail AJHQ, my animal let out a bloodcurdling scream so high it busted one of my speakers. A early version of the alphas were trying to kill me! This was too ridiculous! I closed my tab but then when I looked back a mysterious figure holding a knife giggled evilly.

                 NEWS FLASH

A 10 year old boy was found dead in his own room. The killer is unknown but he will be behind the bars soon. Goodbye Kevin, you died so early.

To be continued...

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