Animal Jam, an educational game where kids can customize an animal, trade, play games and have fun. Most of the people are children, crying for items, unfair trading, trying to find a 'mate' and scamming. But there was soon to be a new version for the game long ago, but it was removed due to issues.

The new Animal Jam was supposed to have new features added into the game, such as new items and destinations. The map would be expanded and there would be more shops. The creators thought that an exclusive one time open beta shop would be neat. More jammers would play the game once it was released. They even planned to add in a new mystery animal that can only be accessed through a hidden path. More animations would be added to every animal.

After the plan was finished, very few people were picked to test the new version. The game seemed fine at first, but soon after trying to use the new animations or buying new items, the game encountered bugs and glitches. The tester's animal would change colors at random times. Items and animals would be recycled, but the user wouldn't get any gems. The user would be teleported to another place, sometimes underwater with a land animal, resulting in getting stuck and refreshing the page several times. On rare occasion, the whole tab would close out.

These problems got worse. The user's animal would glitch more often, limbs twisting around or vanishing. Heads and tails would twist, holes in the animal formed. Once a part of the animal was missing, there would be a black spot where the part used to be. One user's animal was completely black from the missing parts. This also happened with the destinations. Everything was a glitch- nothing was solid anymore.


(Art by me.)

Due to these problems, the update was never released. It was labeled "Version 0." Version 0 couldn't be accessed anymore. Even though the version was removed, the people testing the version still carried the effects, even when they made a new account. They kept the items they bought, never being able to delete them. Their animals looked corrupted, the animations unable to work. Eventually, they deleted the account and left for good. Only few of these people play Animal Jam today.

Maybe the version can still be accessed. An advanced hacker could maybe make his or her way into the file and play the game for their self. There has never been a report of this version being played again. Who knows?