Dear Parents,

Please understand that Animal Jam Stories Wiki is for children 10 and older. Your child will be safe to write and to share his/her ideas. Our admins are responsible and are here almost every day, and will do their best to guarantee your child’s safety on the Wiki. If you are uncomfortable with some parts of the wiki, we ask that you read the stories with your child to make sure the stories your child finds are safe. Monitoring your child is a responsibility in which we will do our best to take. If you are interested in knowing what your child is reading and writing, or if your child has broken the rules, you may simply click their profile page. Then you can click the tap that says “Contributions”. From there, you can view what your child has been reading and writing. If there happens to be a user that is making you uncomfortable, please let us know and we will take care of the situation. The wiki community is friendly and will be willing to alert admins if they find a user targeting your child.

Please note that some pages may not be suitable for your child. Some include gore, violence, etc. These pages have the “PG-13 Template”, which will appear before the story. This is a sign that the page is violent and inappropriate.

We have zero tolerance of swears and bullying. Acceptable swears include, hell, damn, and piss. If you do not want your child to read these words, we ask that you do not allow your child on the wiki.

Thank you for your time. If you have any more questions or concerns, please contact our admins or more preferably email us at Our most trusted admins run the gmail team together.

Play wild!!!! 

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