This page is dedicated to editing pages on this wiki! Violation of these rules will result in a warning, and if that warning is ignored, a ban will be placed (ban period will be decided by the admin dealing with the problem).

Editing Policy

  • Do not edit pages without permission! This happens and awful lot and needs to stop.
  • NEVER vandalize! Vandalism is prohibited on this wiki. If you're unsure of what "vandalism" means, it's when someone/something invades one's property and causes chaos, mayhem, ect - or in this case - adds inappropriate content to pages.
  • The only curses that are allowed are the ones that follow: Damn, hell, piss, ass, crap. Any other curses will be removed ASAP.
  • All content must be PG 13 or lower. If you have a page which contains content that is suitable for older audiences, please add the PG 13 template to it (or ask an admin to do so).
  • No pictures unsuitable for the age of 13! All of us here at AJSW like the way our eyes are, thanks! If you are unsure whether your image is suitable, please ask a trusted admin to view it in private before posting it! (Images that contain nudity, drugs, anything graphic or upsetting will be removed ASAP and an instant ban will be placed).
  • As for Animal Jam related storie, we understand that there are non-aj related stories on here, and this wiki is about AJ. You can post non-aj related content on here, but if you have anywhere else to put it rather than here, please do so!

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