Eternal was a normal wolf. He had good items, he was happy. One day a person with the username "Bestfriendsforever" Sent him a request, being the nice wolf he was he accepted it. Bestfriendsforever (or Happy) Kept following eternal. Eternal had enough. Happy kept following him, If we was talking with friends HAPPY WAS THERE. If we was playing games, Happy would be in the background if one player. If two player or more, happy would be playing. He decided to quit Animal jam for a while. once he came back on, he went to his den. And again, Happy would be there. but...Something was different. it looked like if he was in pain... He was also poorly drawn. Happy said "Oh....So you left me? WHAT?!" "HOW COULD YOU LEAVE ME!!!!" Eternal replied "I-I'm sorry..." "I didn't know you where so mad.." There was a cutscene... Of them having a fight... Happy won.. He said "YOU WILL NEVER LEAVE ME, FRIEND" "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!' After a while.. Eternal went insane.. he was so insane he went into an insane asylum..He kept saying "FRIENDS, JUST FRIENDS HAHAHAHA" "WE WILL NEVER BE APART..HAHAHA" he was never heard of again..