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AJ Confessions

Feel free to write any AJ confessions here. Keep it PG though. Adding a name is optional. But that defeats the purpose of "Anonymous Animal Jam Confessions"

My wolf’s name is Doctor Cutegirl, and I remember going to Appondale as a new jammer and seeing a giraffe and a wolf. They told me “Doctor /CuteGirl/? You’re not cute LOL” and I made my wolf sleep in the mud to try and drown herself because of it.~Rouge❤️

(I have a lot of confessions ok) I remember getting an “AJ Boyfriend” and we spent the whole day together playing on AJ. Then, when he was about to log off for the day, he said “I have to go eat with my pack. See you tomorrow honey.” And we never buddied each other and I haven’t seen him since.~Rouge❤️

My brother’s BFF had AJ and he was a member, so my sister and I took over his account when he quit and he still had membership. After a while it expired and we weren’t happy but my sister loved her items so when she got membership a few days ago I transferred some items to her~ Rouge❤️

When I was a new jammer, I told my sister to get AJ, and then she told my brother to get it, and so on. We all got AJ, made wolves, and made a trinity of wolves. Then my brother recycled his wolf and got a tiger and I’m still upset about it.~Rouge❤️

I used to hack people, and take all their items, but I gave them all back because I felt bad afterwards 😜😜 - Cherrysplash AJ

Honestly NMs are nicer than members.. ~Anon

Matebeggars are so annoying ~Anon

I have scammed many good items such as 2nd birthday cakes and betas because someone took my short collar and wrist and designer skirt ~Cooki

When I was still a non-member before my first membership, I saw members as greedy and insulted some at a beta party, so they threatened to report me ~Anon

I've hacked before >:3 I don't regret it. ( I have no heart ) ~Anon

I search up account usernames and passwords on Google...~Anon

I saw the true value of a Milky Tiara since they are just recolors but I didn't care anyways :3 ~Anon

I actually hacked a free member account before and gave one of my hacked items to someone who got scammed of that item. #robinhood ~Anon

I try 'gift me it's my bday' ~ Anonymous

I made a FNAF video / animal jam and one of my buddies found it and asked why there was a bleeding person in a yellow rabbit suit and why there were ghosts. I told them it was an Animal Jam animation. ~ Anonymous

I scammed someone's default wrist after my big sister forced me to or else she said she would tell our mom I broke my 2nd phone. I regret it so bad.. I was only 11. ~ Infinity

I've pretended to by SmileySmiles (YouTube) 'as her anonymous account' on a New Jammer panda. Benefitted 4 rares.~ Koishi

When I was nm, I used to be a matebeggar. ~ Infinity

I once tried using a item adder~Anon

SwagSplash asked me to flash trade np him my blue long and orange long and he would give me a magenta Tiki. Being a NM, I asked him to prove it, he put it on trade. I traded him a necklace to check if he had auto-accept. He declined. I told him I was just checking. He traded me, and I did him. For the magenta tiki. Now I have a magenta tiki to this day. ~ Chloe

I've hacked inot several accounts. I simply typed the password as 'pokemon' and the usernames Pokemon (number), going up until I successfully logged the jammers in, and stripped the best ones of their rares. ~Flora Sunnyfox

I still like to go around rp-ing AA characters and I have no regrets~Anon

My cousin hacked my scammed spike wrist back to the person that I took from 2 years before. ~ Infinity

After my BFF, Moolilly quit AJ, I went into a AJ-Free year. I still cringe every time I think of it. ~ Infinity

I always want to scam for some reason, I know it's wrong, but I want too. ~Anon

I've hacked a few accounts, but all I did was turn the active animal black and the eyes white to 'warn' the account users of hacking. I have no idea if it worked. ~Anon

Since I'm addicted to FNAF now, I go around dressing up as the Purple Guy arctic wolf outfit (thingy... Never mind, but anyways;) and then deliberately provoke people and then call them phrases including: Lil scrubs, Victims, Scrubberts, Non-swags, and other really weird insults. I still call them scrubs just because. - (0.1% of people wI'll know who i am, not including people on Instagram and my friends.)

Sometimes I wish I could hack, so I could become rare and all the people who were rare and made fun of me would pay ~Anon

I hacked the majority of my rares, including my black long. -???

I have to show people my orange spike collar to convince them that not opening gem chests does NOT improve the prizes in The Forgotten Desert. ~ Anonymous

I once reported people for good behavior... oops... ~ Anonymous

I was scammed on Christmas morning and I was so mad that I went and scammed someone else. My raccoon tail was taken from me (which I just got) so I scammed someone else's. Afterwards, I was shaking so much and I felt so bad so I gave it back.

When I was a noob in AJ and didn't understand I was a matebeggar. -A cat

It's halarious to go around Jamaa yelling "get dunked on" and seeing everyone confused. Then there's that occasional person who gets the reference. +1 Buddy. ~Someone Who Got Dunked On

I constantly annoy people by doing things like said anon before me - Person who gets the reference

I made a fake account called Bluewolf4562 and made it look like a hacker/scammer just to have some fun. ~Holly The Cat

I spam traded necklaces for rares with my friend. ~Holly The Cat

Once, in Township, there was someone trying to trade, and an Arctic Wolf was accusing them of scamming. They also were capslocking and yelling "FVV OFF" to anyone trying to calm them down. Having had enough, I piped up with "Honey, 6 year olds shouldn't use that kind of language" and then smiling. They replied with a "SHUT THE FVV UP YOU LIL SVVT!!!!" Shortly afterwards, the entirety of Township was outraged and reported them several times. They disappeared, and I assume they were quickly banned. I have absolutely no regrets ~ A sassy anonymous nm wolf

I enjoy putting my best den items out and welcoming everyone in to pick which one they want. I say it's a giveaway, but then I instantly lock them out when there's a ton of people there. I then change animals and watch the rage. Slam dunk my sins. -Tech

I put my spikes on trade and taunt jammers trying to get my spikes, and I always decline. ~Holly The Cat

Once I hacked someone and I deleted all their items and all their buddies. -Anonymous

I hacked my best friend 6 times and told her it was my other friend and I don't regret it. ~Anonymous

I and my friend hacked into a 'friends' account that we had a fight with (no long my friend tho) and deleted a few of her items. ~Kat

I once scammed a new jammer out of all their items. ~Firesometimesflows

I traded by blue headdress and my light pink headdress for a rim headdress because it matched with my look better. i was young at the time. i regret it SO much. ~ Candigirl1446

I used to scam but the first item I took was a pirate beard. ~Try n' guess :P

Someone mistook me for a man, and I played along with it for a while. It was awkward and I decided to log out and never talk to the person again. I guess this counts as catfishing? ~ANONYMOUSE

Once I flipped off my computer after seeing 5 people in the same room yelling "LIONS ROAR, EAGLE SOAR, NON MEMBERS DESERVE MORE!" ~DD

I always wondered what it would be like to scam but I never do because in my opinion it's horrible~ Anonymous

My brother left animal jam for good so I secretly went on his account and traded all his best items to me~ Anonymous

I have a trolling account where I go around pretending to be a boy and flirt with girls~ Anonymous

I simply don't like rares ~ Anonymous

When people make sad faces after I decline an unfair trade I feel bad and gift them the item they wanted~ Anonymous

I love watching animal jam drama videos... ~ Anonymous

A friend of a friend who didn't know rarity gave me nerds for a bad item. I accepted and traded it away. ~Demonic

I....I've tried to hack Aparri and without hesitation looked up on youtube, on chrome, how to hack. When i found the right hack- it was expired, so my 'hackinf fail' days are over XD- Random User (myself)

Because it was so hard for me to decline a offer, like "If I give you ___ for ___, will you accept?" I always locked the person out, then unbuddied them- LZLZ

I used to be a scammer and did trust on my alt to take people's rares and put them on my main to get rarer.~Anon

I don't like my spiked collar..

I honestly feel like all the really rare hammers should accept some trades, it's like they only put their goods on trade for people to think they are cool

I have two troll accounts.

Non members deserve more items

I once pretended to be scammed then when people gave me items I declined cause I felt bad for lying

I hosted an Earth Of Foxes and Den Of Wild Animals with my friend, Occasinally, I would sneak into the base and kidnap foxes, and set them free to the earth if they want to leave, Usually, I accpted everyone. Heh, I was gud-TOTALLY NOT BDK (BlackDragonKid)

I feel bad because I am making an exposed video, I'm conflicted but I know I have to make it and she's done so much wrong I just HAVE TO. ~Al (Alphabeticaldisorder AJ on YT)

I saw someone get banned because they wouldn't give their items to someone. I feel bad for them :(

I made my transformice PFP an AJ cougar once and someone asked me “Why not make it a DABBING HORSE?!” —Koi-San (aka salty)

I used to scam people, i said I left my pirate sword at someone's den and someone felt bad for me and gave me theirs. - the greatest

I have scammed headdresses before, the first time it was the least rare hd that is pink and purple, and I was lowkey proud of myself. I traded it away for a RIM hd and some other good items, I don't know what happened to the RIM hd because I quit for a while then came back. Now, I don't have any HDs and I no longer scam. Oh, yeah, I also hacked somebody into quitting once. Ahahaha, I'm a terrible human. Heh. -- Jane Doe❤︎

I used to hack people then delete their account EVEN if they had membership~A horrible person