Are u not scare

Infinity Majorjammer was a normal jammer like everyone else.

He had grey fur, and blue eyes.

One day when he was walking around Jamaa he saw a bright pink non member wolf with black eyes.

The wolf wanted to be his friend. Infinity accepted the buddy request, and he was taken to a bright red room with blood splatters everywhere.

"Is this gonna be a creepypasta or something?" Infinity muttered, looking around.

Just then the bright pink wolf appeared in the room and hissed, "Are you not scare?"

"Who are you?" Infinity asked, confused.

"I'M YOUR WORST NITEMARE!!" the bright pink wolf roared.

"Seriously dude? Take me into a bloody room for this? Ain't nobody got time for that!"

The bright pink wolf hissed again. "Are you not scare?" This time, he held up a sword to Infinity's throat.

"No, I'm not. Peace out dood." Inifinity left the room, unbuddied the wolf, and locked his den.

"He's not scare." The wolf narrowed his eyes, thinking up scary ideas.

A few hours later, when Infinity was logging off, flashy red letters appeared on the screen. "Are you not scare? Because I am your worst nightmare!"

Infinity unplugged the computer, not caring.

The next day on the news.

Last night a 14 year old boy by the name Matt was murdered in his sleep. Police say that a hacker by the name of 'y0ur w0rst n1t3m4r3' tracked him down and murdered Matt. Strangely, the alarms did not go off and the hacker left without a trace. Police are still investigating, and said that there was a note on Matt's bed that read,:

Are you not scare?