This week, Victory Spiritgem has finally been arrested by the Animal Jam Police Department. After years of searching, the infamous criminal has been caught. The time and effort searching for this jammer has paid off. The search is finally over, and Jamaa is safe from this cheetah's unholy deeds.

The white lynx read the article on his computer, sitting on the green beta couch he had purchased from his cousin. He wore a creamy fox hat and white leg armor. He continued to read the news behind a bright screen, light shining against his fur.

Victory was known for torturing other jammers, thieving, scamming, murdering and other acts of bad mischief. He was known as a threat, preying on the new citizens of Jamaa. For seven years, Victory has got away with all his acts, never caught. But, on Friday, the mischevious cheetah has been caught and is currently sentenced to life in the maximum security prison of Jamaa with no chance of leaving.

The lynx sighed in relief. He had currently moved to Jamaa with the many other lynxes that arrived after the long journey from the snowy regions. It was a very long trip, and their arrival was announced days before they arrived. Gladly, they had finally reached their destination without a major threat among them.

He had heard of the cheetah before on the way to Jamaa, but everyone said it was a lie or it was a scare tactic to drive the lynxes away.


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