This is one of those "Ask ____" Blogs/Pages. I titled it "Ask ???" because a lot of people don't know what AA is, and "Ask ???" would grab attention.

In other words, this is Ace Attorney related.

BUT WAIT! Don't leave! (???: It could be considered rude.) You can learn all about what Ace Attorney is by reading the following!

Ace Attorney is a game about murder cases with lawyers. I know it doesn't sound intense, but it is. Example: A girl is accused of bombing two spaceships, a courtroom, and killing her own mother.


Thats only a little bit.

And now, back to your daily schedueled trash- I mean Ace Attorney

Characters you will have the lovely chance of talking to:

Phoenix Wright-PW

Maya Fey-MF

Miles Edgeworth-ME

Pearl Fey-PF


Klaiver Gavin-KG

Trucy Wright-TW

Apollo Justice-AJ

Athena Cykes-AC

Simon Blackquill-SB

(Please specifically ask them a question with their name in it if you want to ask something)


Wave One (AKA, Nobody will ask any questions, probably):

Me: Hi guys! I came to ask you some questions from my friends because it's a tre- I mean, it's a fun new thing!

*Athena shurgs*

Me: Since nobody so far has asked me anything, I'll start off and ask- Phoenix, what's it like being a attorney?

PW: Well, sometimes it can be annoying because you have to do over-the-top things. Like defending an orca. Or cross-examining a parrot. Or watching your assistant get burned to death.

Me: T-they're stil alive...Right?

PW: Of course!

Shystar500's Question:

Me: Shystar asks to all of you, what is your favorite/least favorite part of your job, and some interesting case you've expirenced.

AJ: How...uh..."interesting" can this get?

Me: This is a wiki for children I'm replying to but...SCREW IT!

MF: Ooh! Ooh! Mefirst! I'm not technically an attorney, but I've been with Nick for so long that I have expirenced some interesting cases. And of the better cases was the one where I first met the Prfoessor! Because, that was cool.

AJ: Uh, well, I like being an attorney here because *Apollo takes a long pause of thought* I've honestly met some really nice people here, and I feel at home. And the worst part was when my best friend Clay was killed. And one of the more interesting cases was when there was a courtroom bombing and I saved Juniper Woods.

SB: *Simon sneers* I refuse to answer why I like you...But I must admit that the yokai case was quite interesting.

PF: I don't have a job...but the case where Mystic Maya was kidnapped was weird...

ME: I could bring up hundreds of cases. And I have...mixed feelings for being a prosecutor.

PW: Honestly, I like being a defense attorney because I'm following the steps of my mentor, and I've met all my friends who are here. Don't know what I'd do without them, sometimes... One interesting case was when we went to Eagle Mountain. Enough said.

AC: The best case was the one where we defended an orca! And I like being here because bascially what Apollo said.

Me: .,,Are we missing something...?

AC: I don't think so.....?

*Klaiver smashes door open*


AJ: Oh sweet god....

KG: *hair flp* Now I am here to answer any of your questions you'd like to ask me!

AJ: Go home....please....

KG: Never, Herr Forehead!

SweetKawaiiPup's Question:

Me: Kawaii asks if you've ever seen a ghost like Lewis.

ME: Follow-up question...who is Lewis?

MF: I see ghosts all the time! I'm a spirit-meduim!

PW: Is Lewis a ghost? I've seen channeling, but not a ghost.

SB: I almost saw my own...That doesn't matter much, though.

Aftermath of the Question...

Me: And now for out next ques-

*Kawaii runs in, carrying Lewis*

K: You've never heard of Lewis!? Let me help!


AC: Oooh, I like his hair.

AJ: I wouldn't touch that if I were you....

Me: I hear tragic stories about it.

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