Hello all! Sorry I haven't updated my stories or anything, but I'm finally back on! I'm going to give you some writing tips today! Well, first of all, don't do what I just did. Never start an article with, "I'm going to tell you". Begin your story describing the scenery, the day, or start off simple. Try not to use "Once upon a time". For example: A simple beginning might be-

There once was a young boy. This is a bit too simple, so try adding some details to hook your reader. There once was a pale, enthusiastic boy, who lived in a sad town.

A describing your scenery beginning:

In the fresh, summer air of the beautiful land of Italy.....etc.

Then, we move on to the middle part of your work, using colorful adjectives, transitions, and use of grammar.

Whenever a character speaks, try not to use,

  • Said.
  • Says.
  • Asks.

I like to refer to these as "Bare-bone words," and try not to use them as much. Instead, turn them into words like,

  • Wondered
  • Replied

Or, describe what your character is saying. "I just, don't understand." Muttered Felicia. "You don't have to," Felix replied, raising his eyebrows. 

Always check back to your writing for: Captilization, commas, periods, or other punctuation marks.

Now for transitions. Transitions help your sentences flow easily together. A few examples are:






Or before.

Now that you have read this, you may be thinking, I don't have an idea! Ideas can sometimes be hard to get, but with a little creativity, you can cure that writer's block.

First, one idea is to listen to calming music or sounds. I'll put a link in here for some epic music that's the perfect recipe for adventure. Rain sounds also work.

If you prefer to write in the silence, try thinking from a different perspective. Imagine being a drawing, what you would do, and how you would do it.

Need more tips? Leave your questions down below.

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