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A drawing of Little ArcticMoon by LunaMouse23

On this page, you're allowed to ask my psychotic character anything you wish! I will frequently check the page so Little can answer anything you have to ask.



  • Keep is PG-13.
  • Please have minimal swearing.
  • Do not take the role of Little.
  • Be patient and do not spam your question.
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  • Try to make it out alive.
  • Enjoy!

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Sealz888 asks:

Do you liek unikitty or any meme.

The 13 Deaths asks:

13: are you a fan of wolves? Have you ever survived internal bleeding? ... ...want to dance? >:)

Plus, would you work with me if we werent both set on being a lone Wolf? I mean, in the rituals and the pain... 

Little: Am I a fan of wolves? Well, since I'm a wolf myself, I don't mind them... but any Jammer from any species can really piss me off. Have I survived internal bleeding? I don't recall any internal bleeding. I have, however, survived any victims that have fought back... (obviously). HELL NO TO DANCING! 1. I can't dance. 2. I don't want to dance. 3. I don't socialize with any creature outside of my cave. Would I work with you? Possibly, I'd need to get to know you more first.

13: oh... little... I didn't mean that type of dancing. >:) -eyes turn completely black and fluids gush out of underbelly-

Jadedragoness asks:

Jadedragoness: Little, do you have any spare limbs I could eat? 'cause I'm hungry. Some blood would be nice too. :3

Little: GOD DAMN YOU KIDS ARE GREEDY! FINE! Since I have so much respect for psychopaths like you and myself, I figure I should feed the needy. It's all survival, right? Kill or be killed? Yeah. I believe I've got a big pile near the back over there. Not sure how bloody they still are. Go to town, kid.

13Dragon asks:

13Dragon: Do you murder for fun?

Little: Yeah, I tend to when I'm bored, too. Drugs? No thanks. The only rush I need is from committing murder. Sometimes, I'll search the victim for anything good if the popo aren't already on my case. Sometimes I score big. Once, I managed to get my paws on some neon bow from some fool. You should give it a try. 

SweetKawaiiPup asks:

Mutated Evil Kawaii: Ever had any issues with other people? My good counterpart, Kawaii, is of my distaste.

Little: Oh, hell yes I do. I've got a bad reputation in Jamaa. Always have, always will. I hate Gamzee413 the most. That's for personal reasons I might reveal if I'm in a "good" mood. But, since she's finding every damn possible escape route there is, I take my time with other Jammers' who annoy the piss out of me.

FoxStray asks:

Little Rainybunny: What is your favorite way to kill?

Little: My favorite way to kill? That's tough. I gain more experience from each murder I do. Since I'm a sadistic son of a gun, I really LOVE to take my time. So, if time was a weapon, time would be bae. <3333

Dragonheart2375 asks:

Dragonheart2357: Do you have any friends? Used to? Or did you kill them all?

Little: Eh? Friends....? I mean... are those the beings that are less difficult to kill and last a lot longer? I've never had a companion in my life. Never really saw a reason. Never thought I'd need one. In fact, I was right. As for killing them... I suppose in other dimensions they could be my friend. So....yes.

13Dragon asks:

13Dragon: Can I learn murdering from you? I would like to get revenge on somebody.

Little: Ohhh hahahahahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! REVENGE, MY DEAR? That is certainly something I master in. I'm not all that much for a social creature, though. I would be more than happy to help you in your quest of revenge. I don't sleep and I don't require any, so drop by at any time. However, if you tell anybody where you've been, or if somebody spots you, I won't HOLD BACK ON KILLING THE BOTH OF YOU.

FoxStray asks:

Crescent (The owl from P S Y C H O T I C): What do you think about bones?

Little: Bones? They're cool. I tend to chew off any flesh my victim has left me. They also make great teeth and claw sharpeners. They're cool decorations, too. 

FoxStray asks:

Adventurine the Bat Alpha: What appeals to you most in a Main Jamaa adventure like The Phantom Portal?

Little: Appeals to me? Well GOD DAMN IT! I'm not the best at choosing what I like best. If anything, it's probably all the people freaking out when they see me. I love seeing crying Jammers' coming in about either getting hacked or scammed. On rare occassions, I hear them complaining in some traumatic tone of them narrowly escaping their deaths, while encountering the others.

TechSaur asks:

Tech: How long did it take you to master the art of killing?

Little: Hmm.... that's tough. *takes the heart from one of the victims in his body pile and takes a bite out of it, ears flat as he's lost in deep thought* .....I must admit, it's not an easy thing you can master. You're either cut out for the act or you're not. There have been some events where I don't think I can continue, but that thought goes away after a few seconds. I'd have to say roughly about... 5... to 7 months? You can tell you're not doing so hot right away when you've been a suspect several times in just a few months.

Little Arcticmoon asks:


Little: NO!

SweetKawaiiPup asks:

Kipper: *crashes through the ceiling out of nowhere* Do you love anyone? Me personally, I love Awesome! :3


CatQueen asks:

CatQueen: Little, can I please eat you? If you say yes, I will eat you. If you say no, I will eat you. And, uh... *throws white sheet over self* I am a ghost and you can't touch me... Ooooo...... *Legs are showing from under sheet*

Little: OH HELL NO! YOU AREN'T GOING TO EAT ME EITHER WAY! YOU'RE NOT EVEN A GHOST! I CAN SEE MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE. *he angrily points at your legs showing* IS THIS SOME SICK JOKE? GAH, YOU'RE GOING ON MY LIST! *Little swipes across your stomach with his claw, writting you on his Kill List and walking back into his cave*

SweetKawaiiPup asks:

SweetKawaiiPup: I have an awkward question for you... Like Pinkamena in Cupcakes, you have a list, and when somebody comes up, you kill them. However, so far you haven't unveiled any scientific torture objects, do you have any? (I understand if I'm killed from this...)

Little: Scientific? I tend to keep to my claws and teeth. Sometimes the occasional blade. However, I might take a stop in The Lost Temple Of Zios every now and then when nobody's around and take whatever I can get to help get rid of any evidence that might cause authorities to lead to me....

Shystar500AJ asks:

Shystar500AJ: Uhm.... Do you have any sort of grudge against depressed robots? Cuz uh... one of my good friends is Marvin the Paranoid Andriod.

Little: I can hold a grudge against whatever I want. However, I find robots easy to corrupt... so I'll spare them. Unless one of those damn scraps of metal wants a fight....

(Little doodles in his free time while waiting for more questions)

13Dragon asks:

13Dragon: Do you watch Doctor Who?

Little: Eh....Doctor Who? Never heard of it....

CatQueen asks:

CatQueenDo you like doughnuts? If you don't... Do you like pizza? If you don't... Do you like spaghetti? If you don't... Do you like to sing in the shower? I do! *pretends I am in shower and starts singing, although it sounds like a choking vulture* MEEOOW Meow MEEEEEW MEOW! MEOWWWWW! *coughing fit* MEWW MIAOW!!!!!!! MMMMMMMIIIIIIIIIAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOWWWWW! *bows*

Little: *on the floor, screaming, paws over ears, kicking and bleeding* 

Shystar500AJ asks:

Shystar500AJ: Ooooohhh I has good one. Do you like puns Little? Because I kill Nikki with my puns ):D

Little: As long as it kills, I'd be more than happy to accept it into my life.

SweetKawaiiPup asks:

SweetKawaiiPup: (gives Little Kailu's laser-gun triple-bladed katana) Here, you might want this. :3

Little: Oh my....thank you....

SweetKawaiiPup asks:

SweetKawaiiPup: Now that you have the almighty triple-bladed laser-gun katana, what are you going to do with it?

Little: *maniacal laughter*

XMysticalMoonX asks:

XMysticalMoonX: Did you ever used to have a girlfriend? ;)

Little: Yes, but I ate her insides on accident.

Shystar500AJ asks:

Shystar500AJ: Little, the most important question ever:

What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?

Little: 42....yes...?

TechSaur asks:

TechSaur: Phantom (my ghost-cat OC, a black figure with a white mouth and white eyes): How would you like to go on a killing spree with me and Optic? Gets kinda lonely... You'll face no charges. We're never caught.

Little: Sure. I've never gone with another and I've been told it's not that bad. Meet me in my cave by 2 A.M.

Salamander310 asks:

Salamander310:  Will you help me destroy everything these people once knew. I want to rule everything with an iron fist! So, please kill anyone who defies me.

Little: *growls* Salamander, I have seen and heard what you've done. Even though I may not even speak here, I hear the news. Even a creature as despicable as YOU does not deserve my help. I'm not sure if you're the real Salamander310, or some sick hack/joke. I am not interested nor ever will be in helping you. *Little starts flipping knife and slowly carves an X into the wall while staring at Salamander310* I suggest you run.

SweetKawaiiPup asks:

Evil Kawaii: *rushes up to Little FNAF-Foxy style and screeches in his face* Bro! If you're scared by that, then try this for a cha- INSANITY WOLF!!! *turns round and sees the infamous meme wolf peeking around the corner mischeviously* I know what you're gonna do! Insanity Wolf: Wanna play a game of SAW?!?! *smirks* Evil Kawaii: Errr, sorry for the long ask, buuttt... *rushes over to Insanity Wolf and they start arguing (Little has to do something to stop this, either by killing them or by scaring their pants off. I know they don't have pants, it's an expression)*

Little: *lets out a raspy sigh* You've got to be kidding me... *Little quickly goes in his room and quickly comes out, chains around his ankles, his fangs changed to look like bloody needles, uneven and crooked. His body and face is torn* GAHHHHHHHHHHHH! *Sounds of chains hitting the floor and demonic screaming approaches* YOU. DIE. NOW. *Little picks up Insanity Wolf, throws him aside while still clamping his body with his teeth. Insanity Wolf's insides pour out as he's thrown. His skin and fur is still in Little's mouth* Eheh...heheh... *Little approaches Insanity Wolf, steps on his head until his skull cracks and his head is flattened, he smiles as he's splattered with blood.*

As you were saying, Evil Kawaii?


Evil Kawaii: Evil Kawaii: I'm just gonna shuffle away now... *I run quickly behind a wall, only to come out as my near indestructible mutant form, shaking the ground with my earth shattering growls - but not destroying the building* HOW'D YOU LIKE DEALING WITH ME NOW, LITTLE?!!?! *laughs maniacally as I begin launching green fireballs at Little, him only being able to dodge in the nick of time* (CHEAT CODE TIME, LITTLE! You can A: Mutate yourself and gain the ability to summon swords, knives and other various melee weapons - these will fly at the current target or targets - at will as well grow to Mutated Evil Kawaii's size, B: Call in some phantom friends - no, they won't hurt you, they will aid in bringing her down, or finally C: Insanity Wolf comes back to life - memes are probably immortal and can suffer death multiple times - and you use him as the epic InsaniWolf Launcher, which fires bombs out of the mouth)

Little: I choose option C.

===HappyWolfPuppy asks===

HappyWolfPuppy asks: Do u eat jammers? If so, meet me at a diner

Little: Yes. I would be delighted to.

===CatQueen asks===

CatQueen asks: Hi Little, I have a question. Do you get distracted sometimes? Because I- Ooh look, a super rare parrot! -pounces onto it, tearing off it's head- Mmm... Delicious! What was I saying again? -stares at Little- It's delicious, try it! -kicks parrot towards Little- As I was saying- Ooh, a butterfly! -prances after it, grabs it, and skips back to Little- What was I saying again?

Little: I do get distracted here and there. *looks suspiciously at parrot and begins to nibble* I think the only time I've been distracted and it has caused a problem is when I was hallucinating my dead mentor in the shadows while killing...

~Claw Machine and those other guys~

Nocte Cor(from Black Fur, Frost Eyes) asks, sharpening claws:

Do you like scammers..or hackers? Or, the fresh bloody taste of a newly yanked out heart?

Little: I respect hackers more than scammers. I see no good to scamming. Sure, the victim is in EMOTIONAL pain. But what about the better part? The PHYSICAL PAIN.

Happywolfpuppy asks

Happywolfpuppy asks: I think I've become annoying, but, here's an another awkward question: If you had the chance, would you eat me? And how?

Little: Alive and very slowly.

Iluvmy2cats asks

Iluvmy2cats: what caused you to be insane?

Little: What caused me to be insane? Perhaps the fact I watched my mother get murdered by her ex, my father abused me, I had no friends. It's true what they say, the whole thing about everybody having a limit. One night I promised to myself that I'd be stronger and no Jammer would ever want to mess with me again.

...That's all I'm saying for now.

MinionsAJ asks

MinionsAJ: EVIL MUTATED PX-41 MINIONSAJ IN DA HOUSE! -Karate kicks through the wall while munching on a bloody heart kebab-

Do you like minions?

say yes and i hug you nicely

say no and i shower you with bah nah nahs.

Little: ....Please educate me on what these "Minions" are before I judge....

Hexedbones asks

Hexedbones: Are you a cannibal? If so would you prefer to eat eyes or the heart?

Little: Yes, I am a proud cannibal. I much prefer the heart over the eyes, though.

XMysticalMoonx asks

XMysticalMoonx: You get killed and now you're a ghost. What do you do?

Little: Go to Hell and become the underworld overlord. 

SweetKawaiiPup asks:

SweetKawaiiPup: Onria: *crashes through the ceiling with Moonstar (my purple wolf avatar) on it* Eeep! Sorry! *shuffles away really fast*

Moonstar: Well, now you've realized that my dragon friend, Onria, has a tendency to crash through ceilings and has thus ruined your beautiful ceiling! Since I'm here, are you going to eat me? *tries to use illusion magic to pretend I have ninja stars, but I fail* Crap..

Little: run...child.....

TechSaur asks:

Techsaur: You have the ability to anything. What do you do the jammers around you?

Little: Hallucinate their worst nightmares and slowly finish them off at once.


I HAVE BEEN WAY BEHIND! Since I have little time, I'll just copy and paste.

Sugar from a murder of sorts:

What do you do with the bones of your victems? Do you think you could help me hunt down four girls called Icy, Tech, Kawaii ,and Nikki?

"I grind them down and use them as flour."

3 days ago by Miss icyfox Reply



Since you've answered my top two questions..

What to you think about me, or anyone else on the wikia? (BESIDES your hatred for Nikki :/)

"I. HATE. HACKERS. Sure, I said I have respect for them. But this bunch seems to direction and little of a backstory to even have the SLIGHTEST amount of respect for. It's all too confusing."

August 30 by Shystar500 Reply


Sparta: How do you think you would try to defeat Secret Fire dragons like me? P.S.: I give off a hot aura, so I cooled it down just to ask the question. (Little, you have 3 options of trying to kill Sparta. A: Attack her with a Pure Ice Dragon and make her so cold she dies, B: Cryogenically freezing her, or C: Your good ol' bud Insanity Wolf helps you in killing her.)

"Am I allowed to have 2? Because A and C."

August 27 by SweetKawaiiPup Reply

MinionsAJ "Are they easily brainwashed?"

There you go. Now?

August 25 by MinionsAJ Reply


Do you know anyone named Ben? "....*glares*"

August 21 by Anna15790 Reply


What would you do if a gigantic blueberry pie was just sitting in front of you? "I wouldn't touch it. I would use it as bait to lure in some stupid kit and tear him/her apart"

August 20 by Happywolfpuppy Reply


Have you ever played Unfair or Cat Mario? "Do I dare? I'd rather not have my rage sparked..."

August 18 by XMysticalMoonx



Since you've answered my top two questions..

What to you think about me, or anyone else on the wikia? (BESIDES your hatred for Nikki :/)

Little: I think you're all puppets at the control of my claws...all so silently minding your own business, it's so easy for me to slip right under and take another.

Miss Icyfox

Sugar from a murder of sorts:

What do you do with the bones of your victems? Do you think you could help me hunt down four girls called Icy, Tech, Kawaii ,and Nikki?

Little: Sure, but I'll kill you too.


I have a small suspicion that you might be friends with the [sorta] famous "Grumpy Cat."

So, my question is... are you friends with her?



Will you help me bomb England?

Little: Yes. As for ImLonely.... YOU WILL NOT BE SPARED.


I am australian. 

Im going to whip your butt with kangaroos



Y̧̨͕͔̼̖̳̖͙̪̘̯̲̍͋̿̅̀͜Ŏ̺͈͍̱̳͍̝͕̅̿ͣ͊͛́ͅƯ̧̨̩̪̥̹̅ͥ̈̐̀͒̔̾̏̓ͬ͟ ̢̤͇̻̪̜̯͚̰̺͖͇͍̜̬̦̼͈͐̈ͪͪ͛̋̏̃̒̆̈ͯ̌͝Ȁ̲̟̳̞̞͈̬ͭ̀ͬͫ̀͛ͣ̇̚͜L͙͎̺̫̼̆͗̑̂͟͜Ȓ̢̩̫̞͓̝͔͙͈̟͍̜̠̪̹̎̈́ͤ̇̅ͣͦͤ͆͛ͧͬ̈͜͜Ėͭͯ͂͑̍҉̶̼̫̩̭͈̹͓̫̥͍̤̱̠̜̘͙́́͢A̷̘̝͎̺̦̫̙̩̯ͧ͂̋ͤ̓̓͊̉͝D͑̓̒̇͌̎ͣ̃̿̇̏͐͠͏̘͍̣͕̥̜̞̦̯̣̲͍̝̻̱̮̤̱Ý̷͉̘͈̟̺̟͈͇̫̼̖̳̖͓̮͎̺̇͆̂̋͆ͬ̃̏̅ͩ̓ͭͤͬ́͞ ͑̑ͪͭ̍̔͐̎ͧͬ̔̅̃̆̀̚͏͖̥̝̝͓̥̞͍̗̲̗̯͇͕̤̤̺̕K̴̛̓̉ͨ͗ͬ͢҉͖͚͕͖̰͖̰͉ͅN͗ͭ̔̑̔̾ͥͣ͂̋̿ͯ̍̆͏̬̙͉̬̫̗̯̤̩̠͎̹͚̭Ơ̵̜̻̦̥̇̈ͣ̂́́͝W̛͗͗ͬ̀̌̂̋̈͑̾ͯ̉͗̓̊̈́͋̏҉̷̸̵͓̻̮͉͎̼̤̤͉̣̱͇͔̟͔̫̤͚,ͨͧ͒ͦ͌ͧͦ̓͆̚҉̢̨̟͙̻̹͖̮̙͈̰̮̻͎̬͜͠ ̧̮̰̯̫͈͇͎̣̫͇͈͓̐ͮ̌ͮ͒̇̉͌ͧ̑ͨ̆̍̚I̸̡̢̪̘̰͙̮̹̭͇̩̱̤͖ͤ͊͐ͣ̇͞ͅT̫̬̣͔̗͚̮̮̣͕̅̍̂͌͋͘ ̆̍ͯ́͂͂̊͟҉̭̙͓̗̭͙̣͔͚̯̞̰̹͙̠̺̩͟͡ͅI̙͇͎̹̣͍̭̺̹̩͙̬̩̝̞̿ͥ͗͆̓͂ͫ̂ͯ́ͮͨ̃̀́́S̸̭̙̗̭̜̺̪̯̤̥͍͓̫̜̊ͬ̊͐̈́̓ͥ̄͋̈́̚͢͢͝ ̛̜̰͓̼͖͓̬͕̺̖̰̖̺̹̮̼̣̜͒̾ͩ̍ͬ͂͢M̸̛̝̯͓͚̭̜̺̟̦͙̭̟̫͇͙ͩ̃̏ͬ̂̓̋ͣ͛̐̂ͦ̐́̾̇͜͡E̴̴̵̻̩̬͇̱̝̭̥̹̖̯̣̼̼͙͕̾̂ͬ͛ͥͭ͆̕ ̸̷̟̪̤͍͔̫͇̟͇̫̳ͩ̋͛̋̃ͦ͆̉̌̆ͩ̈́ͭ̒̄̽͗͌G̾̓͐̎̂̏͋̊ͤͭ̍́̔͘͏̩͍̖̰̱̟͓̤͙͍̞̠̫̥L̶̇͆ͯ͛͊̒҉̶̧̬̠̬̫̙̤̝͓̪̩̦̯͎̯͖̟Å̶̸̴̤̯̮̟̲͉̣͈̘̦͓̤̹̦͍̣̫͚̑ͬ̐̽̋ͦ̊́ͦ̅̚S̶͉͓̩͖̥͖̬̹̯͇̻͈͍̗͇͍̬̆̓̒̓̆̊̔͐̏ͭ̓̍̐ͫ͆̄̉͡Ÿ̡̦̺͈̘̻͖̹̙͖̝̮͖́ͥͯ̆͐̑̽̑ͥ̈́͜A̍̂ͮͭ̎͋̀͂̎̃͆̍̄̓̾̄͌̚͟͞҉̬͍̮͖̼̟̻͕͓̻̪S̶̡̩̠̙̤̳̱̮͔̠̫̖̊ͨ̈̄̍̈̌̎̊̆̉̔̅̿̊͗͐̚͘͢ͅ IT IS G̽ͭ̀̌̆̂ͮ̀̌L̅Aͮ̒ͥ̄͂̏S̒̋̈́ͪ̄ͦY̓͆͊A̽́̎S̔͛asks:

M̨͚͓̗̘̥͓̝ͧ͌̽ͯͪ̾̋̽̔̀Ȅ̲̊̈ͩͣ̑̀͟ ̱̰̥̪̯̺̽ͦ͘͜:̹̩̪͚̼̗̓͆ͮ̔ ̴̮̣̤̲͙̤̗͋͆̀̆̀̿Į̷̱͕̹̺͛͊ͫͯ̓̾̔̑ͨ ̢͙̭̟͎̱̹͊̍F̢̖̪ͣ̄́̕Ḛ̷̡̭̼͚̺͐̌ͩ̇̽̂̄̚E̙̝̫ͧ̆̉ͪ̀L̪̼͊̅ͥͪͯ͘ͅ ̸̢͚ͩ̔̃̏A̬͓̫̝̤̣͊̈ͭ̄̓ ̶̸̹̜͌̐̒͘D̛͆̚͏̥I͇̬̯͕͔̰̲̔ͣͣ͠S̈́ͧ̿͏̟̖̫̞̫̀ͅG̛̹̠͖̘͇̲̘̍ͫͣͫ̀̚͝U͔͉̙̩ͩ̇͒ͩͦ͊́S̸̸͎͇͛̄̄͆̌̆T̖͉̫̯̲̾͌ͣ͋̍̿I̜̳̔̑̄̃̂͞N̘̳͇͔̖͎̏̏G̵̜͖̼̜̹͗̄̽ͭ̓̀͟͠ ̵̬̱̊ͫ̀P̶̴̟̺͉̳̃̔͊ͪ͂̎ͯ͟ͅR̦̪̣̯̖̤̫̩̊ͥͫ̈́̀Ě̫͚̫̯̱̳̗͑͋S͓͉ͨ̐̈́͆E͍̱͈̪͙̯̞͕͛ͧ̃ͬͬ̌N̞̠̤͍͔̫͆̽C̗̣̻̻͖̲̠̒͐̅͂͋ͨ̏E̝̬͌̆ͯͨ͛̑̽ͥ͘.͍̩̥̲̳̤̗̓ͮ̈ͭͭͫͮ̈̉ ̸̨͙̣̝ͮ͊͗̚̕i̸͋̐̏̏̽̚҉̢̙͔͙s̡̹̣̤͍̲ͮ̿ͯ͘ ̧̨͎͔͍͍͇̝͚̯͇̇͛͂̽́̚Tͫͨ͌͆͗ͪͭ͏̱͔̺̺̯͔H̵̙͕̎̓̎͗͞Ï̡̝̮̺̯ͬ̍S̢͋ͯ̍͊̌͛͜͏͉̟̙͉̖̪̩̼ ̎͂̚҉͈͎̫͟Ỵ̠̥̺̳̳̿̔̏̇̐̂O̺̜̠̅̇̾̄́͋̃̏̑ͅU͕̱̙̜ͩ̇ M̳͙̤̭͓E ͎̤: I̜͓͔ ͅFE̮̦E͈̖̙̩̰̘̲L͖̩͇ ̬̗̮̩̺̼̭A̩͍͚̜ ̘̹̞D̖̺̻̦I̝̥S̱̦͇G̤̻̩͉U͓S̪̞̹̦͉T̬͙̤͍I̦̜͉͕͍͖͎N̝͈̭̝̱̳͔G̺̳͕̦̹̹̮ ̺̩̱͈P̝R͇̰̯E͕SEN̫C͉̻̭̖̺E̝̼͙̦.̠͕̬̲ͅ i̖͙s͎̩͖͕̙ ͚̬͎̰̤T͙͕̜H̯̘̣̘̪̭Ḭ͈̹͇̞̹S͚͍̬ ̺̱̰͕Y͔̮͓̲̠O͚̦͚̹͈̰U̟̹̪̝̹̫͈

Little: Whatever presence you may feel, I will never say who it is. I will never tell when I strike. I will always remain hidden. Run, my child. Run as far as those little legs can take you UNTIL I RIP THEM FROM YOUR BODY WITH MY TEETH.


Salvinikron: *slithers up to Little* What's your favorite song? My favorite song is 'Tears to Shed' from the movie Corpse Bride.

Little: I have no idea.

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