The Magical Box

Awesome the awesomest creature alive, spotted the strangest thing.

It was a box. But not just any box, a blue, transparent box.

"What even is this?" Awesome said as he picked the box up.

He shook it. No sound.

Dropped it. No sound either.

"This box...something about it that isn't right..."

He carried the box and ran off, looking for his brother.

He passed Admiral's house, Incredible's house, Tomato and Happy's house, and finally, Juniper Quietsun's house.

He knocked on Juniper's door, waiting for him to open it.

A small black and white cat opened the door. "Hello there, er, Awesome. What brings you here? It's not like you to come running to my house like that."

Awesome pushed past Juniper and barged inside. "Listen, since you're the person that knows and builds some of the weirdest stuff in the universe, I need you to tell me what this is right now!" He threw the box onto Juniper's table, and the box only hit the table one time before settling into place. "Tell me what this is!"

Juniper looked at him puzzled. "There is no need to yell, Mr Awesome. I will tell you what it is soon enough. For now, you can--"

"NO! Tell me what this is! I'm not leaving this here for you to tinker around with, Juniper. This box might trigger an explosion or something!"

Juniper sighed. "Tell me about the box then. Where did you find it?"

Awesome smiled. "Finally you decide to be useful. Well, it was out in the backyard, and the awesome me being awesome like always investigated and looked around. I found that box. It's transparent, blue, and doesn't make a sound, no matter what."

Juniper nodded, and he took a closer look at the box. "This box is rather strange, I have collected over ten of the boxes over the past two years. They always contain something inside. I think it is meant for you, Awesome, or your brother, to use."

He twisted the top half of the box, which popped off as easily as opening a bottle. As Juniper looked inside, he saw that there was a red laptop.

"Er, Awesome? This is totally meant for you to use," Juniper said, eyes glued to the computer.

"W...What? Nobody ever gives me gifts anymore!" Awesome said, before jumping to join Juniper at his gaping.

He looked inside. The red laptop was there, but the most surprising thing was that there was a note on there. And the note read: With this computer, you can read people's minds. Be careful how you use it, Awesome. Sometimes, it's better to know nothing at all.

"So this is for me? A laptop that can read minds and do who knows what else? Well that's really weird."

Juniper shook his head. "Keep the box, even after you take out the laptop. After a few weeks or so, you might get another gift. Keep the lid shut tight!"

Awesome nodded. "Yeah yeah, I will, I'm awesome! Oh, and thanks Juniper!" He managed to smile for once, and Juniper was surprised.

"N..No problem Awesome! I..If you need any more help I..I'll be!"

Mind Reading

"Let's get this thing started UP! Now I can read Commander's mind!" Awesome laughed evilly, turning the laptop on.

After all the normal 'turning on' stuff, Awesome saw a window pop up. It read:

Welcome to the Mind Reading Machine! Choose a name from the list below to start! (only people in your area or town)

Sure enough, there was a dropdown list of names. Awesome chose Commander and hit continue.

The small window enlarged, and there was a list of things like, names, animals, colors, about me, and so on. At the top was a search bar. "Yes yes yes! This is getting awesome!" Awesome shrieked.

Collecting data from Commander Bravepaw... 96% loaded

98% loaded...

99% loaded...

ERROR! Could not load. Try again?

Awesome almost threw the computer against the wall. "NO! COME ON! I'm trying again, you better load!"

This time, it did load, and Awesome could search in the search bar. He tried to think of what to look up, smirked, then he typed in Awesome.

Awesome word or Awesome person?

He clicked on Awesome person, and saw as the page was redirected to another page with a picture of him.

"Yeah! This is me!"

Then he realized, This is like a wiki! But about people's thoughts and stuff! Haha! Yeah!

He went back to the front page and there it was: the chat room.

Awesome clicked on it, and all of Commander's recent thoughts flooded the chat.

"EW! SICK! WHO THINKS THESE TYPE OF THINGS?!?!" Awesome almost screamed, looking away from the chat.

He typed in, Brother, your mind is sick, you need to think of better things! Not...this! Ew!

His brother replied with, Who's this? Awesome, are you talking to me telepathically?

In a way, yes. Brother, how can you manage to think like this all day and still have a straight face?

Er...uh....hehe....yeah I better run!

The chat box closed and so did the 'wiki' window.

"Gosh darnit! Well, now I know what he's thinking about, heh. Next...let's try Tomato!"

He started up the mind reading program again and chose Tomato from the list.

"I wonder what he thinks about me, tee hee hee!"

He typed in his name in Tomato's wiki and clicked on Awesome person.

There was a picture of him, actually smiling. "W..Wha...? Nobody ever gets pictures of me like this!"

He read on his page.

Even though Tomato doesn't show it, he actually does like Awesome. A lot.

Awesome screeched. "WHAT ON EARTH!? I thought he didn't like me at all!" Then, his horror turned into happiness. "He thinks I'm awesome? He likes me? Well what did you know?"

Suddenly someone threw open the door and said, "Hi."

Awesome slammed the laptop shut.

It was Tomato.


Tomato looked at the laptop, then to Awesome, then back.

"What you been doing this whole time?" he asked. 

"Oh, you know usual, blogging."

"I checked your blog and refreshed it ten times. Nothing new."

"Since when do you check my blog?"

"I don't know."

"Alright, I was chatting with some internet friends."

"Yeah. You weren't even on Skype or that internet chat website. I checked twice."

"Why are you stalking me?"

"Why shouldn't I be stalking you?"

"I know why you stalk me."

"Why, then?"

"It's because you like me."

Tomato froze for a second, then said coldly, "Only as a friend."

Awesome snorted and looked away. "What brings you here then? Since you've been stalking me this whole time."

Tomato looked around Awesome's messy room. "I need to ask you something."

Awesome nodded. "What is it?"

"Have you been reading my thoughts? Reading my mind?"

Awesome sat, petrified. He could not tell Tomato anything. He could not tell Wretched anything. Not about the box, not about the laptop, about anything.

"What makes you think I have telepathic powers?"

Tomato nodded towards the laptop. "I have that laptop. It notifies me when someone is reading my mind. I was reading yours recently, too bad you didn't get the notification. I know all of your secrets now."

Awesome was freaked out now. He'd been reading his mind all this time. He now knew everything about him. Maybe he already knew in the past. 

" long have you had this type of laptop?" he asked Tomato.

"About...well...the first time I met you, when I came home, I found it lying on my doorstep."

That was a long time ago. Five years have passed and he still had the laptop, five years ago Tomato already knew everything about him. That is a bit creepy.

Awesome got up. "That is creepy, you know. Knowing everything about me ever since we first met. So all this time, you've been faking not knowing where I lived, my last name, my family, everything?"

Tomato thought for a second, then nodded.

"You stalk me...and I find that creepy. Could it be that..."

Tomato shook his head. "Let me explain. When I was sent here with my brother, we were told to guard one of the brothers in this house. So my brother and I made up our minds about who we were going to guard, and we did. They said we were going to get a special laptop for this type of job...well anyways, the day I first met you I knew that I picked the right choice. So did my brother. And as promised, we got these laptops. I started right away. I needed to know everything about you so I wouldn't make a mistake and damage our friendship. Because if I took one wrong step, or one too many, I knew I was going to lose you."

"But, how would you know that?" Awesome asked. "I would still try to be your friend."

Tomato shook his head. "I don't think you understand. I'm not from this world."

So that meant that his friend alien? What did he mean? Was he...

Awesome gasped loudly. "So that means...You're a human?"

Out of this World

Tomato sighed, closed his eyes for a second, and nodded.

"Yes," he said. "I'm a human. I'm not actually from Animal Jam."

Awesome remained cool on the outside, and said, "Okay...that's fine by me."

But on the inside, Awesome started fangirling.

NO WAY! MY FRIEND IS ACTUALLY A HUMAN! ohmigosh yess im totally gonna post this on my blog. WAIT that might endanger his life its too r i s k y but he's awesome he's been to the place he probably knows the people that run the AJ government and control us and stuff maybe he can control me too ohmigoshohmigoshomigosh yesyesyes i wanna kiss him wait i can't do that it would be weird cuz we're both guys and im not into that life but GOOD GOD he is a HUMAN!


what even is going on

Tomato looked at Awesome weirdly. "You okay there buddy?"

Awesome shook his head. "I AM SO LUCKY TO HAVE A FRIEND LIKE YOU!"

He went up to Tomato and gave him a hug.

"S..system error! Not respoding! Loading 40%!...GAH YOU'RE SQUEEZING TOO HARD!"

"Tomato you are ALMOST as AWESOME as ME!!"

Tomato pushed Awesome off and shivered. "Please don't do that kinda messes up with my system somehow..."

Awesome was beaming. "No problem! I promise I wont! Or will I?"

"Please don't Awesome! I'm going to start glitching if you squeeze WAY too hard!" Tomato started dusting himself off. "Well I better go. You is the day!"

What day? Awesome thought for a second. Oh. "Yeah, I know," he said gloomily. "The day."

"My brother's birthday, that is."

"I'm sorry he died because of the phantoms."

Tomato stood silent for a couple of seconds, as if remembering the day when his happy-go-lucky brother was caught and torn apart by phantoms. "Yeah,'s okay. I...gotta run."

With a flash of tan fur, Tomato was gone.

As soon as he heard the front door open and close, he started squealing.

"MY BEST FRIEND IS ACTUALLY A HUMAN! But is he an actual human or a character like all of us in Jamaa? I better ask him sometime. HE IS SO AWESOME NOW! HE SHALL BE GIVEN MY MEDAL OF AWESOMENESS! By the way...where did I put that awesome new book of mine?"

He looked around, clearing loose sheets of paper until he found the glimmering, night blue book titled Out of this World.

"Haha! This book looks caught my must be...good..." Awesome said as he read the back cover of the book.


If anything happens to you when you're reading this story, like if something feels too real, CLOSE THE BOOK IMMEDIATELY! It has already happened once, and I do not want it to happen again. Wait a few minutes before starting to read again. I warn you, do NOT let yourself feel the realness of the story. If it feels too real and you cannot escape, I wish you the best of luck.


The Bookstore Owner,

Juniper Quietsun

"Eh, Juniper is actually pretty crazy anyway, I don't know what's so scary about this book. It should be okay. What's this, another note?"

If you have a weird, transparent looking box that does not make a sound when you drop it, KEEP IT WITH YOU WHILE READING AT ALL TIMES! If you get pulled in, the box will help you in a way. I know you bought this book, Awesome.

"Now that is just plain crazy! Who cares, I'm reading it!"

Flipping over to the first page, Awesome started to read.

Someone is a stalker...

Long ago, in the ruins of Jamaa, after the great battle, lay a portal. The stone portal looked ancient and was tangled with ivy. But it was active. Jammers say that two jammers who joined Jamaa came from a world outside of ours. A world where there are no boundaries. A world where countries exist. A world where people love us and write about us. And that world is called: the Human's Territory.

Now, it might sound a bit scary at first, how other Jammers describe humans. But trust me-- I know more about them than anyone else. I will tell you the story about the brothers that live in Jamaa and what happened to the portal. For I was there, stalking the 'human Jammers', and I knew what happened every part of the way.

Some say they were guardians of Jamaa. Some say they only came to try and take over. Some say they were sent by the AJHQ. But the real reason was: they had no choice. They weren't fully humans, just characters out of some human's imagination. The brothers' world was being destroyed, and all the characters in their world jumped into a portal into some other worlds, let it be games, book series, TV series, and so on.

The brothers ended up jumping into the world of Jamaa, and the first person they saw was me. The shorter brother asked me, "Can you please give us the directions to We're looking for someone." As soon as I set my eye on them , I knew they weren't from Jamaa. I gave them directions and stalked them as they went, obviously confused. They didn't look like the sharpest tools in the shed, but when you teleport into a strange world wouldn't you be confused too?

Once they found the adress, the brothers knocked on the door of the den. Two other brothers met them, one smiling and one not. I can tell that they got way too attached to the brothers they were assigned to. The brothers could sense this as well. The shorter brother, Wretched, got so attached to the one he was supposed to guard he started stalking him with a magical device brought from another world.

Humans are weird and confusing, and after watching the brothers from afar, I can confirm this. One day, one of the brothers walked to his den alone. Where was his twin brother? He had been assumed dead in an accident, an adventure gone wrong. The coding was messed up, and the brother got taken hostage by the phantoms. Nobody really knew what happened to him after, but Wretched, the shorter brother, was overcome by grief and blocked himself off from the world around him. Things becamse hard for him after, and as he took care of the most self-centered brother, he realised something. There was a character from his world that related a lot to the brother. Self-centered, arrogant, but charming in a way. Blogger, bookworm, fanboy. The character from Wretched's world had been his enemy, but in this world, has become his friend.

But what happened in Wretched's human world...?

Awesome closed the book. "Too real man, too real! does this author know about this? Me and Tomato? How could he know?" He lay down, closing his eyes. There was only one person in all of Jamaa who stalks people.

And that is no other than Large Spookyspirit.

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