Awesome was on a website once, a very popular art website. He was scrolling through the pictures and saw a picture of him. "Hmm," he said. "Someone actually drew me? How...they would have to see a picture of me..."

He clicked the picture and saw that he was paired up with Tomato. Awesome snorted. "Seems legit," he muttered, and added the picture to his 'Favorites'. He got up to make himself a sandwich, and five minutes later when he got on the art site, his notifications was CLUTTERED by messages coming from MILLIONS of people.

"Omigosh, Awesome! ILY~! You're so awesome~! <33"

"Awesome, I ship you with Admiral...heh..."

"Oh my god, own an account on here?"

Awesome was completely shocked. SO MANY COMMENTS ON HIS PAGE! A lot of users sent him fan art and fan stories, the stories mostly containing ships. He saw art of him being paired up with a lot of his friends, but mostly him and Tomato, or him and Little.


He sketched something on his drawing program, one of him and Tomato, and a bunch of favorites, comments, and watches appeared on his notifications. He smiled, and posted a BUNCH of journal posts, gaining comments, faves, and watches. Oh, he was popular on the internet, but never THIS popular!

He decided to check out a few of the fanstories. He read one about him and Tomato, a really long one, and he read more and more of them, mostly the ones of him and Tomato. Well, he could...

Then he read the fanstories about him and Little. He read more and more and more. Well, he also could...

Now there were a couple very interesting ones. One about him and Admiral, which he thought was AWESOME and he added to his faves, and one about him and Daredevil, someone who he hadn't heard of. On the story page, there was a picture drawn of him and Daredevil drawn really close together, and he smiled. Hey, maybe this might not be that bad...

As soon as he started reading the story, he found that he could not stop reading it, there was an irresistible pull coming from it, kept him glued to his seat.

The story started with him walking down a sidewalk, in his very large neighborhood, on a street he hadn't been in. There was a semi-abandoned house, and he decided to explore. As soon as Awesome had gone inside, the door had slammed shut and he was greeted by two icy blue pairs of eyes, and the lights were instantly turned on, and revealed a bright and fun looking house. One of the people who greeted him was a friendly face, and another a stone hard expressionless face. The friendly guy took an interest in him and showed Awesome around the house, while the other one just made small comments.

Awesome had to leave, and the friendly guy, which he discovered was named Daredevil, begged him to come the next day. And he did. And the next, and the next, and the next, until days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and one day, Daredevil finally invited Awesome to stay the night.

It was fun, staying with the with the 4 other guys in the house was fun, and Daredevil and Awesome went on a mini adventure around the house, until the time was right. They were playing extreme hide and seek, and they hid in a cupboard. It was tight, and there was barely any room for both of them. So close together, they were both blushing, and then Daredevil leaned in...

Awesome read the last paragraph, and he lowered his eyes. Who was this Daredevil guy? Did he live in his neighborhood? If he did...he should look for him.

He continued reading the story.

Daredevil leaned in very close, and before they knew it...

Awesome couldn't read anymore. He closed out the tab and thought a bit about it. Daredevil, Daredevil, Daredevil... Awesome would search for this Daredevil guy...but...this was a story...

His notifications were still cluttered, and among the messages was one message from a user called Go DareDare!

"I've been looking for you..."

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