"Hey Jammers! Explorer Icygem here, with your monthly Animal Jam Explorer!"

It happened every month. I uploaded a video exploring every new change to the game. Pixel by pixel, dissecting every last item. It was like my life revolved around my small crowding of Jammer Nerds who wanted to know how much the price of Homemade Wings had raised or where you could get a secret color. Silver-Pink to Green Azalea, Icygem the great figured out exactly how much the game had changed.

"As usual, the Appondale museum is empty. Shall we host our gathering here, in the server Gila?"

As soon as I livestreamed those words, every jammer watching my stream flocked there. It was a crowd of nonmember animals and 1 or 2 members who watched my stream for nostalgia. "Explorer Icygem! Can we be buddies?" Pshaw. The only buddy I had on my list was my friend Empress Icygem. She was a great player, we had been on since Skullies were brought into existence. Aah, Skullies. The diamonds of the Animal Jam world. Since my mom worked at National Geographic, I owned plenty of Betas and Rares. I was a goddess. I looked to the back of the room. There was a green tiger with the spot marking faintly splattered across its pelt. Its username just displayed "BULBASAUR", and it didn't have any ribbons or trophies. Not even the ones you get when you join AJ, like "Color Me Wild!" It was slightly unnerving, but I didn't mind. Just another mindless follower to shower me in glory and fame.

"It appears we have a new Gemmer! Everyone ready for the Gem Salute?"

The crowd did 2 dance animations and a hop. It was an amazing sight, all in sync, floating like a bedsheet on wind.

"Bulbasaur, are you ready to Gem Salute back?"

Bulbasaur walked to the center of the room.


Bulbasaur did a sitting animation.

"That's not how it goes, Bulbasaur!"

I ran to the center of the room to teach him how to Gem Salute.

Dance, dance, hop.

I finally got a movement out of the dweeb. Bulbasaur appeared to start doing the dance part of the Gem Salute, but instead...

He roared.

Roared like the Lion's play animation. The odd thing about it is that he was a Non-Member. His only character was a tiger.

He logged off, and my Gemmer Minions continued listening to me. I sent them all links to pictures of new updated items and things.

"As you can see, the frame missing in the Otter's dance animation has been fixed by my mother."

Half an hour later, when I finished streaming, I got a notification that someone had sent me a Jam-A-Gram. It said "Come to my den!" It seemed like a good opportunity for fame, so I entered. I paid no attention that their username was blank and their only animal was a panda.

Named Liza.

I entered the unnamed user's den. I saw Liza sitting in the center of the room. A statue, I assumed. Suddenly, a Name Tag appeared under it. It had the Buddy Mark for Alpha. Next to the "statue" stood BULBASAUR.

"Hey, Bulbasaur!"

I looked at his tiger's nametag. It revealed its name, after 30 minutes...

Sir Gilbert.

A gold ring shot around the tag, completing itself with the alpha badge. Cosmo, Graham, and Peck appeared behind the two alphas. Peck stepped up to me, paintbrush in paw.

"Hi, Peck! You were always my favorite alpha."

She blinked. As soon as she did, I used my hacking application to flip through the files.

There was no blinking animation.

I got out the one animal with a fighting animation. The Snow Leopard.

Graham took out a tablet computer. "It's hacked in. She didn't earn this."

Peck's expression turned grim. "We'll make her earn everything that she's scammed and cheated her way to."

Suddenly, I was greeted by what seemed to be the normal, friendly loading screen. Thank goodness, I was going to be back in Jamaa Township and everything would be normal again... but wait. What's that flashing?

The normally happy, excited deer in the picture was scowling. His bright eyes had turned into a frosty-glass white. And to top it off, he was bleeding from the chest. I wanted it to end...

And it did.

I was transported into a room. Peck and Bulba... I mean Sir Gilbert were sitting on a pedestal in the center of the room.

"You've hacked and scammed long enough. We won't ban you, this is your punishment."

I was handed a bag of Chomper Plant seeds.

"These will come in handy in the fight."

Suddenly, the walls opened up. at least 20,000 phantoms appeared from the deep cavities.

"Fight them. Or else you will have to suffer the consequences."

I laughed.

"I'm so scared! I'm shaking in my custom-made baby seal leather boots!"

"Fine then."

The screen went black. The same deer loading screen appeared. As usual it disappeared when I wanted it to.

Even though I had my headphones on, a loud screech came from my speakers.


A picture of my character, Explorer Icygem appeared on the screen. She did the idling animation, as usual. Just standing there in the pitch darkness of the room, void of phantoms.

Suddenly, the model for Peck stood behind her.

It creeped closer.

Closer still.

It was practically breathing down her neck.

It stood there for 10 seconds, long enough to realize that she was holding a beta pirate sword.

Explorer Icygem was stabbed quickly, 47 times in the chest. An odd squorching sound, like squeezing Jell-o, came from my speakers.

Explorer fell to the ground.

Peck ran up so her face was covering my screen. I couldn't exit the page.



It's Explorer's brother, Mike. You can call me King Frozenheart. We were out on a trip, and Explorer was left in charge of the house.

We came back today, and we found her sitting dead in her computer chair, with what appeared to be a sword through her heart.

On her head, written in blood, was that last word.


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