This story is based off of that i think that bashurverse's ( a minecraft youtuber )laugh sounds insane.

So it all started when it was diamond day the day when members got diamonds so I went hooping to get a lightning cloud then the stone Artic wolf fell blocking the door and by her self empress smartywolf who is my wolf ran to her friend's wolf daring cutewolf she said in a real girl voice " daring ! Ill save you ! " she pulled her friend out from the cold stone head of the wolf statue then she saw it an Artic wolf " good he can help us " or so my wolf thought then she saw it a dagger with blood dripping from it she could just make out the wolf saying " so many jamers to kill so little time" he said as he stabbed a familiar wolf. " Then I saw it the beard the leather tail armor it was Greely I knew my wolf would do something him being her father " DAD NO " she yelled as he was stabbed a second time she jumped at the wolf who was attacking her father . "We're all gonna die " he yelled laughing hysterically.

" DIE I TELL YOU WERE ALL GONNA DIE " the  artic wolf howled. " Um dad? Help me out here ! " Empress looked at her  dad ,Greeley , " DAD ?!?! ANSWER ME!!!". " He's poisoned you idiot ! " the ' basher ' artic wolf said as his pupils did a 'derp' and he smiled unnaturally.  Empress replied " THAT'S STRIKE THREE , FIRST YOU STAB MY FATHER THEN POISON HIM AND FINALLY , YOU CALL ME AN IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ". " Hehe hehe " the artic wolf laughed . "By now a large crowd of animals had gathered , most of them with their bows and swords pointed at the artic wolf ready to protect the soon to be alpha.

An arrow was fired. Empress looked at her friend , who was now pointing her bow at the basher artic wolf , she had fired it. She looked at the army protecting her . Empress , being a smart wolf , jumped away and watched the evil artic wolf get consumed by a large army as she ran to her dad's side. " no no NO DON'T DIE ON ME ! " Empress said as a tear ran down her eye " I have to get you to kemburra outback " ( i don't care if i spell that wrong )  

It didn't matter anymore she had to save her dad , eyes white she broke threw the wall landing with a thud in the forest where " OMG OMG OMG OMG SO MANY BASHER WOLVES!" yelled empress smartywolf and there really was about 5 of them and a wolf pack that was  pretend eating a bunny saw them too. The leader was her good imnotfamos .  Imnotfamos saw her and said " Hi Empress how your day going " .Empress sharply replied " good ECEPT  MY DAD IS ABOUT TO DIE " " PACK ATACK THOSE ARTIC WOLVES i'm gonna save an alpha " imnotfamos said as her and empress ran to the outback but 50 of the basher wolves were blocking the door.

"LISA HELP US" screamed Emperess smartywolf. But only more artic wolves showed up " oh my Mira oh my Mira " said imnotfamos and that was the best word to use in this problem.

Then it was reveled the 4 basher arctic wolves that showed up were the remaining alphas sir Gilbert , Lisa , Gram , and Cosmo. They beat up the arctic wolves letting empress and imnotfamos in to the medic center to save Greely. Within an hour he was fine.

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