Aparri's POV

A new update means a new video. That's why I am recording right now. Who am I, you ask? Well, you should know me. I'm Aparri, one of the most famous jammers in animal jam. Why am I here? To gain popularity by making videos. I looked around in disgust at the animals crowding around my wolf, yelling for autographs or in shock that I was playing. I wanted them to go away, to leave me so that I could do this video in peace. But they still swarmed, and yelled, and did what they could to get my attention. They failed miserably. I checked the jamaa journal. Well, giraffes were for all jammers now! That was a relief. I read through other stuff, like the new head feathers in the diamond shop (they had two feathers now!), the pet honeybees, woah, now you could trade your pets?! I decided that this video would be called 'Animal Abuse in Animal Jam! A mysterious woodcarving was on one of the last pages. I figured I'd come back to that later. Traveling arctic foxes and returning rhinos, and finally, animal jam toys. But wait, I missed something. It was on the page next to the 'trade your pets' update. I flipped back and saw that there was a new adventure, Battle for the Beacon. I need to try that out, I thought, and exited out of the journal before clicking on parties, and finally the long logo that said: Battle for the Beacon.

Julian2's POV

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