• Hey everyone! Battle of the Rares is my newest, latest story! This will be a chapter story. About... Animal Jam High School. Yes, the title is lame at the moment. I might change it later on when I think of a more creative title. Open to suggestions!*

*The following content in this story MAY be triggering. It might have a little bit of blood, violence and abuse, but also some mature topics, such as dating, high school drama, depression, self-harm, and disorders. You, the viewer, has been cautioned*

This story is about Charisha, the most popular girl in school. Pretty, smart, kind, and seemingly perfect. Back then animals were only liked for their personality, that was all that mattered. But then Charisha's best friend from the other side of the country moves to her town, and happens to attend the same high school as her! Renee, Charisha's BFF, gets some lucky rares. But then she becomes the popular one, pushing Charisha out of the picture. Charisha almost wishes that Renee hadn't moved, and in the end, she realises popularity is now based on how many rares you have, not your character.

Friendships will bloom. Rivalries will rot. There is a battle, a battle of the rares.

Chapter One - Pretty, Popular, Perfect...?

Charisha skipped around the school yard, wearing her usual outfit. Her Arctic Wolf coat was in many different shades of purple, with a purple flower crown, purple leaf necklace, purple worn blanket, a green vine anklet with purple flowers, and a blue tail armour. Her best friends, Coco and Alyssa, happily pranced by her side. Coco was an Arctic Wolf as well, her coat was white and dark brown with yellow thunder bolts, with rare gazelles, a cream leaf necklace, a cream worn blanket, yellow wristbands on all her paws, and grey tail armour. Alyssa was an Arctic Wolf, her coat in many different shades of pink with a pink flower crown, a pink leaf necklace, a pink worn blanket and a white vine anklet with pink flowers, and a pink tail armour.

"I wish I could be you, Charisha!"

"Lookin' good, Coco!"

"I love your outfit, Alyssa!"

Charisha shuffled around in her aqua designer hand-bag, and eventually pulled out an iPaw 6 with a glittery gold bead case with glittery brown and black beads creating leopard rosette spots. She went to her music and plugged in her aqua headphones with the pink flamingos on them, and turned on her favourite pop tunes and hummed the beat while she was dancing over to the main room. Her first class was with Miss Gloria for writing.

~After school~

Charisha barged into her house, yelling, "GOOD AFTERNOON, YES I HAD A GOOD DAY BEFORE YOU ASK."

Charisha's mother turned and winced, saying, "Charisha, may you tone it down a bit? You're in your house, not a concert."

Charisha's ears perked up. "Speaking of concerts... The Kitty Purry concert tickets are gonna be sold soon... Same with Tailor Squid. I really wanna go to both! Or maybe Llama Del Ray. Whatever. PLEASSE...?!"

Her mother glanced at her. "Um.... Maybe you can go to Kitty Purry with your sisters... Go to Tailor Squid with me, cuz you know, I like her music too. You could also take a friend to see Llama Del Ray. Whatever you choose."

"Nice, thanks so much!! Need ta go to my room, be right back..!" Charisha smiled with glee. She dumped her bag in the hall and just before she could rush off, her mother yelled,

"Hey! Wait! You haven't eaten yet! Plus, I have some news for you."

Charisha couldn't help but let out an inward groan as she dragged her tail across her floor and sat at the table, her butler coming around to serve coffee and mini cakes, and she quickly ate them up as she expected her mother to begin the 'news'. Probably some crud and mud about s girl in her work house being whiny and irresponsible... But it was something far from that. Oh, very far, far, faaaaar from that. It was something Charisha wanted and didn't want to hear. But mainly wanted.

"You know your old friend-"

Charisha immediately butted in,

"Best friend."

"Oh. Anyways, Renee is moving to this side of country where she'll stay and attend the same high school as you!"

Charisha spat out her coffee, mini marshmallows landing in her little sister Rose's pigtsils. Her mouth was also stuffed with a slice of chocolate mud cake and cream, so she choked on her cake slice and cream.

"SAY WHAT?!" Charisha screamed half in happiness, half in shock.

"Yup! Be prepared to meet and greet your old friend again!"

"Actually, it's BEST friend." Charisha glared at her mother for such a mistake.

"Oh. Sorry!" Her mother said.

Charisha put her empty plate in the sink and trotted over to her room, she couldn't help but smile from ear to ear. Renee, her best friend, living on the other side of the country for almost 3 years now, coming all the way back here to go to the same high school as her!

What if she takes your place? As a popular student? Charisha's sub-conscious whispered.

Charisha shook the thoughts out of her head. "No, she would never replace me." She whispered to herself.

Chapter Two - Lost My Place

Charisha rushed into school in a gust of panic, she was late! She started panting, and ran into the school grounds where there was a huge crowd over there, two animals, an Arctic Wolf and wolf standing there. The Arctic Wolf had a pink and blue sweater on with white Converse and the wolf had a diamond gauntlets, scary horns, etc.

"Bonjour everyone! Charisha's in the house!" Charisha yelled out as loud as she could, but was surprisingly ignored. "Hey, where's Remee? She's meant to be here today..."

Suddenly the Arctic Wolf's head shot up. "OMG! D-do you m-m-m-mean R-R-R-Renee?! OMG!!!!!! She is so FAMOUS and RARE!!! SQUEEEE!!!!!!" She screamed, some words were mustered yet hidden in a thick cover of giggles and squealing.

"Um... That's weird." Charisha mumbled. She then pranced up to the giant cloud and parted the huge 'fan club' of students, as if by magical telepathical communication the students magically stepped out of the way. Charisha immediately spotted Renee at the end and her eyes widened. Renee was a yellow snow leopard with an orange under belly and green thunder bolts, with an orange and yellow mech helmet, a short green spike collar, mech angel wings, a short green spiked wristband and diamond-encrusted tail armour. Renee also had emerald green eyes that widened too at the sight of Charisha. The two immediately rushed up to each other and hugged tightly, in a fit of squeals.



"OH MY GOD! Are you two friends?!" The student crowd screamed.

Renee giggled, and then Renee and Charisha both said in unison, "Yeah, DUH!!!!" Which only made them laugh even harder.

Renee wiped a tear from her eye and smiled, "Actually... We're BEST friends!!!"

Out of the corner of her eye, Charisha spotted Coco and Alyssa standing there, causing Charisha to run up to them and exclaim, "Hello!!!!"

"Oh yeah, these are my two new friends. Coco, and Alyssa." Renee said, walking up to us all.

"Oh... Hiiii Charisha!" Coco and Alyssa chimed.

"We never knew and Renee were um.... You know, best friends..." Coco said.

"And we're, like, you know, really super super happy for, um... You guys!" Alyssa finished.

Charisha said nothing but brightly smiled, she turned to Renee and said, "You know you've gotten much more rarer then last time I saw you." She remarked.

"Yeah..." Renee smiled back.

"AND THAT'S WHAT WE LOVE ABOUT HER! YAY!" The students all yelled. Charisha couldn't help but feel envious at all the attention Renee was earning so quickly.

"Hey, do you have any rares, Charisha?" A student asked. The whole crowd went quiet, expecting an answer from Charisha.

"Um... I must admit... The only rares I have are.... A beta arctic hood, and if it counts, a solid blue top hat...." Charisha mumbled in embarrassment.

"EWWW! YUCK! COOTIES!" Some students yelled. Some kids are too immature to be in this school, seriously! Charisha rolled her eyes.

"Prove it!"

Charisha dragged out her teal and green arctic hood and top hat. The whole school frowned.

"That's not a beta arctic hood. That's blue and green. Not teal and green."

"Top hats lost their value!"

Charisha felt like crying.

"You're not for us. UNPOPULAR."

As if by magic, Charisha seemed to shrink back from the crowd, as it she was fading away, as the crowd chanted Renee's name and carried her away just as the bell rang.

"I'm... Unpopular." She whispered, voice quivering.

Chapter Three - She Ruined It For Me... But Things Get Better, Right?

"GRRRRRRR..... STUPID. RENEE. REPLACED. ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Charisha screamed, pulling off her bracelet and snipping it with scissors, grabbing a necklace and nipping off the loose string and then holding it upside down to let the beads and diamonds roll loose on the floor. She slipped on one of the beady diamonds and jumped in the air, outstretched claws sliding down a huge sheet of paper with a sickening shiiiisssshshhhhh.

  • continuing this later, lazy side of me kicking in*

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