I HAD to be the best.

I strived for fame. I was the greatest arctic wolf around- I had the finest fur, the best clothing and the greatest den of all time. My fashion was wild and stunning, and I had a ton of gems. At my time, I received so much. Goodbye old poor life, hello glamorous life!

I was a champion in Best Dressed. I had the greatest outfit, no matter what the theme. All around me were silly rich wannabes with goofy looks- but I stood above all. I was the champ in this fashion show, and I took that title for a year. I was in the magazines, too.

"Duchess Snowymoon, the fashion champion!"

"Best Dressed official champion Duchess Snowymoon on tour!"

"Duchess Snowymoon receives Best Dressed trophy!"

I grinned seeing my name all over the Jamaa Web. I admired my fabulous looks, my fur, my face, my eyes especially. My bright blue eyes and white fur could make the toughest fall over... I was going to keep this title forever.

Until SHE came along- SHE ruined my fame, my title, my glory altogether!

Bouncing Spiritpaw. I hate her so much. She climbed the rank towers in weeks, catching up to me... Every other jammer was far, FAR below my place, and she? SHE WAS JUST BELOW ME!

I had to stop her, but it's Jammer Law not to kill or injure another jammer... "A place of peace." I had no time for this- she was NOT going to become the champion! I would take this place once and for all, and nobody would replace me, not even after death! I was the fashion queen! I was the star of the show...

My plan begun.

I had MANY fans in Jamaa, and they were willing to help me ambush Bouncing and knocking her out of the whole show. We all met behind the building in the Temple of Zios, discussing our plan. We planned to lie about Bouncing using cosmetics to work her way up. Of COURSE, I used fur enhancers and fashion products, but nobody ever noticed. It's a strict rule not to use any kind of cosmetics or special products to enhance looks... But who cares? This is fashion!

A big group of my fans and I stormed into the studio later in the week after a show. As always, I won, but Bouncing had second place. It was nearing the time for a new championship competition with a few other animals from Jamaa that had a "good taste in fashion."

"I caught Bouncing using fur enhancers!" I told the director with a group behind me supporting my plan, agreeing with me. "She uses fur enhancers!" "I saw her using eye brighteners! Those sparkly brown eyes are FAKES!" "She uses special shampoo!"

Bouncing was kicked out of the show the day before the championships... But they soon found out that I lied and used products...


I was permanently banned. I wanted to destroy them all one day. Bouncing took my glorious, golden trophy from me. I lost all my medals. I lost every award I got... The rules changed a week after me leaving. Jammers would use what was provided for them from then on out. I can't believe I lost everything. I lost my glorious, crystal castle den, all of my precious gems and m-my beautiful furniture... My LIFE...

But I swear, I'll take it all back! I may be a ghost, but I'm still strong. I'll show them. They made a big mistake. I'll show them what I can do some day.... I'll take my glory back, and my fame!

I'll take it all...

And I'll have Jamaa in my hands some day.