This is a story about one jammer who uses a hack to get beta stuff. Little does she know that this hack is a virus that will spread all over Animal Jam. Wherever she's goes in Jamaa, anywhere, anyone in that place will get a virus on their computer, causing AJ to close. Forever.


It was Friday, no school for two days! Amy walked home. A friend told her about a website that will give her beta items on Animal Jam. When she got to her house, she unlocked the door and went inside. Her mom and dad wouldn't be home till 6. She went to the living room and turned on the computer. On the address bar, Amy typed in and a message popped up. This website is not safe!!!! Go back! Amy ignored it and typed the website address again. This time, a black screen popped up. It asked what Amy's username was. She typed in 'GoldieTheGreat'. Then it asked her password, which she typed in 'password15'. It asked what items she wanted and she typed 'Cami's Frog'

The screen went black, which made Amy worry, then showed the Animal Jam screen saying, You will receive your beta items in at least 1 hour. Amy was excited and logged into her account. She saw her animal, except, it wasn't her animal, it was a black bunny. She had a tiger. She checked her inventory and nothing was there except a necklace.

Oh no... Amy thought, It was a scam!

Chapter 2

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