As you probably know, many jammer's dream is to become beta or rare. This was the story of one unfortunate jammer whose greed got them in big, big, big trouble...


A man is in a dark room, sitting in a small office chair, hunching over a keyboard, furiously typing away. Minutes later, he relaxes and sits back, clearly satisfied with whatever he had finished. With an evil grin he gets up and walks over toward "you". With a haunting voice, he says "Remember this moment. Because nothing will EVER be the same." He reaches over your head, and you realize he is turning off a camera. Suddenly, everything goes black.

<<Alexandra's POV>>

Sunday morning, my alarm clock went off by mistake. Tired, I got out of bed, thinking "Why today to go to school? I was in the middle of a good dream.." Then I walked past my calendar and saw it was Sunday. "Oh Awesome!" I said out loud, a little TOO loudly. Running over to my laptop, it booted up and I went straight on Animal Jam, logging onto my account, which was member. I started in Jamaa Township, and my eyes were drawn to a fox with a few betas on shouting "COME TO MY DEN FOR A BETA GENERATOR!! I GOT ALL MY BETAS FROM IT!!" Being the naive person I was, I went to their den, not knowing what one little click could do to change my life forever.

<<???'s POV>>

When I heard the little "ding-dong!" of a player going to my den, I knew I had my first target. Immediately I clicked the den icon and ran into the castle. "OK so first you have to buddy XxfbfmdjdudkndkhtmdisxX..." I said quickly to the raccoon, who replied with a timid "O...kay." followed with a "Alright, I buddied them." a couple moments later. "Great!" I replied, grinning in real life. "Now go to and you can get the beta generator!" I said brightly. Little did the small raccoon know that they had already gotten my virus..... and by downloading the small add-on, they won't ever find greed in themselves again.. and after this small test, neither will anyone else. Once one player gets the virus, it is like a chain reaction. One player spreads it to whatever roomful of jammers they go to, then those jammers spread it, then it goes on. It is simply a good deed by me. You see, though, this small deed requires one price... your freedom.


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