The Glitch

If AJHQ are reflecting back, they probably made the worst mistake ever..

AJHQ didn't want to annoy and disappoint their fans, so when they needed to update animaljam, they didn't log all the users out... they kept the users on.

That was a huge mistake, considering it created a infamous room in Jamaa called " Blank ".

Blank was a white room you could access when Animaljam was under construction.

Like its name, its completely white and sorta gives you a nervous feeling

A jammer first found blank when going to the Adventure Base Camp.

Just beyond the Hive was blank, a random white box, which is literally beyond Jamaa.

Sadly, Blank is patched up, but AJHQ now know better, and log everyone off before updating.

( I'm so sorry this isn't scary, its more like a myth story instead of a horror one..)

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