(PG-13 FOR HORROR ELEMENTS) You know how there's that mysterious empty land next to Mt. Shiveer? I believe I found it. I also believe I found a dark secret relating to it. This is not any of this "PHANTOMS CONTROL IT!" stuff. It's much, much, darker. But enough for this introduction, let's begin.

Chapter 1: The Server

It was a boring summer day. Nothing to do. I decided to go on Animal Jam. That choice was a choice I would regret. I spawned in Jamaa Township. That was strange. It didn't show me the server selection. I checked what the Server was. The server's name was blank. I tried switch servers but all that did was lag me up. I searched every room and it was empty. That's when the message popped up...

Chapter 2: The Message

It was one of those random messages from AJHQ that pop up once and a while. It read "CHECK OUT THE NEW LAND!" I was excited. But I'd rather go there with friends. I tried to switch the server again. The name had changed. It was "TEST SERVER." Why was I in a test server? I had never done anything, I didn't even WANT to test things. I prefer for updates to be surprises. I went to Mt. Shiveer, and went to the left. I though for a bit. Did I really want to do this? Did I really want to enter the new land? I did...

Chapter 3: The Land

The land was an empty grassy plain. Was this it? Is this what we had been waiting for? Then the Hybrids came along. I saw a pixel of one at first. I followed it. It was a Giraffe with a Wolf's body. It appeared to be a user. I asked "Hello?"

She replied with a "Hello."

I then proceeded to ask "What happened to you?"

"What are you talking about?" she replied.

"What happened to YOU?"

Then it hit me. This are was glitchy. It was being corrupted by something. She looked normal to her, and to her I was a Hybrid. Then, a black mist settled about...

Chapter 4: The Mist

I couldn't see. I felt like I was wheezing and choking. The black mist cleared, and everyone except me had been turned into some kind of... abomination. I heard wheezing in the background. All the grass had died and the sky had turned charcoal grey. I ran as the wheezing things chased after me. The wheezing began to turn to choking. It somehow got into my head to run upwards. There was only a downwards exit. Or so I thought. The wheezing things chased me, when I found an exit. It took me to a place called "The Shrine." Then, a deep voice said "Hello."

Chapter 5: The Eldritch Abomination and The Disturbing Discovery

The Shrine looked like a sort of like a mayan pyramid. I climbed to the top and saw it. The Eldritch Abomination. It was a giant entirely dark being in the sky. Tentacles were descending down onto the ground. The Abomination had several craters in it, which were releasing the mist.

"Who are you!?" I called out.

"Ị̀ ̵̙͓̣̯͇̖̺A̩̖̳M̤͢ Ỳ̜̳͚̹̤'͖̱͇G͙̣͚̘̜̖ͅO͉͔̖RO͕A." It replied. Sorry the text does that. Whenever I type its name, it corrupts.

"What are you trying to do!?" I cried.

"FEEDING." It replied again.

"THINK ABOUT IT. YOU CAN'T LEAVE THROUGH THE OCEAN BUT YOU CAN'T LEAVE FROM HERE EITHER." That's when it hit me. That's when I realized the dark secret. Why can't you exit Animal Jam through the ocean? Why can't you leave Jamaa? The Eldritch Abomination is wrapped around the area. It's slowly eating away at Jamaa. We are all doomed.

Chapter 6: The Escape

I began to fret. There wasn't a clear escape. The only escape was to get through The Wheezers. I had to take the risk. I ran. I ran through The Wheezers. Their condition had worsened. Craters had appeared on them, releasing more mist. They were beginning to decay and rot. I ran back to Mt. Shiveer. I desperately attempted to change servers, as the black mist got closer, and closer. Just as I saw a horde of Wheezers enter the screen, I switched to Congo. I had escaped. But I had dark knowledge. Some secrets aren't meant to be learned.


I emailed AJHQ. They replied with this message:

"We don't have any test servers open, and we don't plan on adding any new lands."

I was shocked. But it happened to me... Then something else hit me. The Abomination made the server. It wasn't in the AJ database. But it sometimes appears on the server list. The Eldritch Abomination made it to make playthings. If you see "TEST SERVER" in the servers, you might feel like wheezing...

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