WARNING: This is a very gory story so I would recommend this for people over 9.... or whatever... (I HAVE A MESSED UP MIND, OKAY?!)

Chapter 1: The Birds

In Jamaa there used to be all kinds of birds. There were ostriches, falcons, flamingos, eagles, owls... you name it, they had it. Everyone loved the birds. They were very popular and nonmembers became members just to get birds. You see, the land animals got jealous of the birds because the birds were WAAAAY more popular than other animals. So they plotted revenge.

Chapter 2: Revenge

The land animals got weapons. They stalked. They did everything to defeat the birds. But the birds were stronger. Even the alphas weren'the strong enough because of the bird's popularity. But the land animals fought harder. They declared war. They were winning. The birds just could not take it.

Chapter 3: No more...

The birds tried to not get captured by the land animals. They wanted peace, the declared. The land animals did not agree. They kept fighting. They captured the birds. They tortured them and made them mind slaves. They were afraid. Just afraid. Afraid.

That word echoed in Rosy's mind. She had been captured. "Afraid... afraid..." She kept thinking. The animals then grabbed a baby falcon next to her and terrified, the land animals stabbed the baby in the heart, and in the eyes until they became soup - like. She was next. "Oh no..." she whispered. They grabbed her and did the same thing to Rosy. Her light pink feathers flew all over the place. She was cut open and her intestines were taken out. She was almost dead. "No more... no more..." she yelled.

Chapter 4: Peace

The land animals killed almost every bird. They decided they were done and finally made peace with the birds. They signed a treaty and they vowed to kill nobody else. Even the Arctic Wolves, the most violent, stopped. Peace had finally come upon Jamaa.

Chapter 5: Epilogue

So, now you know why there are only 2 species of birds. The land animals decided to keep the Eagles and owls because some people may want to fly around.