(Story belongs to XMysticalMoonx, which no one probably remembers. I know, I'm late. I have no idea if a story like this been made in the wiki or by AJHQ. So...ya.)

Everyone knows the happy and lively Jamaalidays. Time for presents, giving, and so much more! Presents everyday in December! But one thing. How did the Jamaalidays become the holiday we know and love today? I can tell you. Many years ago. Many.

It was during the Dark Times. Animals were being imprisoned by phantoms and weren't being treated kindly. They were kept in dirty, old cells. Phantoms only cleaned them once every few months, they didn't care if you died in there. If you were hungry, you had to make your own food. And you could only make so little. You were crammed in with other animals you barely knew. Everyone was miserable, no one bothered trying to make the situation better. Expect for one small owl. Her name was Miracle. And everyone said that her name was true about her.

Miracle was a happy and lively owl. She always wanted to bring joy in the hearts of the animals. But the phantoms hated her. She'd always sing and dance, and make creative works. She made food for others. The phantoms wanted to do something about her. They'd throw Miracle in a tiny, dirty cell. They would make fun of her. Sometimes, they refused to give her any food. But she didn't change. Not one bit. No one knows how she stayed the same. Maybe because she is so positive and not even the more harsh thing could effect her? Probably. But anyway, onto the tale how Miracle The Owl created Jamaalidays.

"Wake up, Scooter!" She hooted.

AHH PHANTOMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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