This really happened to me, believe or not.

I was in Aldan as my penguin. Then, I heard the doorbell on Animal Jam and saw the "1" in my den. I checked and there was a arctic wolf. I don't exactly remember, but the name was Daredevil ArcticWolf I think. She had light blue eyes, a black long bow, and a red and black tail armor. She was grey and black. I knew that my den was unlocked and I just left her there and left. Then, I got a message from her saying, "COME TO YOUR DEN." I then went to my den. She did the sad member emoji. When I asked her what was wrong, she said that is was her birthday and no one believes her. I typed in, "It's ok." then she said that it's no joke then she left. Later, I was around Jamaa and I got a message from her. It said, "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!" Then, she appeared in my den again. I went in it again and she said, "I'm watching you until you gift me your spike." then she left. She jagged me "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!" ever since until she reached the Jam-A-Gram limit. I have no idea if she's going to continue this tomorrow.

This really happened to me, I'm not kidding.

My username is Snowymistypaw.

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