Hey guys! I posted a comment about creepypastas recently, so I decided to try my hand at making a creepypasta- not by accident this time! ~CatQueen

Mythical the Fox

Mythical the Fox

The black and white fox paced around the Mira statue impatiently. Where was he? The fox had been waiting for a while now, and she wasn't a fan of lateness. After what seemed like hours later, but was probably only only minutes, she heard hoof-steps and looked up to see a black and white goat with the same grey markings as her. Finally! "What took you so long?" The hot-tempered fox demanded. The goat sighed. "Sorry, Mythical. I ran into our 'friend', Chatterbox Chief*." Mythical immediately let go of her temper in understanding. "That's alright then, Duke." She said to him. "But before we start our game, I heard something about a new black and white item in Jamaa Clothing. Meet back here?" She barely waited to hear the reply before she trotted in excitement towards the store.

Mythical was disappointed to discover that the item wouldn't suit any of her outfits. After a quick look around the rest of the store, she padded back outside. When she exited, she was surprised to see the township almost empty besides a few stragglers. There was a feeling of unease, but she shrugged it off believing it was simply her imagination. When she got to the Mira statue, Duke had gone. "Weird." She mumbled. Was there a surprise party for someone that she wasn't invited to? It would be really mean to invite everyone but a few people to a party. Deciding to look for Duke, she padded back down and into the den store. It was completely empty. Just as she reached the tables, she was knocked down and felt dagger-like claws pressing into her neck. A voice hissed in her ear. "What's black and white and red all over?"

"A newspaper?" She offered shakily, but she had a feeling that it was the wrong answer. The voice chuckled in amusement. "Oh you wish it was, but it isn't, unfortunately." It growled, pulling her up to her paws roughly. "The correct answer, I'm afraid, is 'you if you make a single sound'." It shoved her roughly towards the door. Mythical gulped. Red was probably referring to blood. She silently obeyed the cruel voice, desperately hoping she wasn't being lead to a certain doom.

They headed towards Sarepia Forest. Along the path, they ran into Chatterbox Chief. "Hey Mythical! How are you? You all good? That's good. I see you have a friend!" Mythical stared at Chief, trying to ask for help silently. "Uh, Chief. I'm not-" A warning nudge from it. "-Bad at all." She finished with a sigh. After a bit more chatting with Chief, it got impatient. "We were on our way to do something.. Can't be late." It didn't even wait for a reply before they kept moving along to Sarepia.

Once they got there, they made a sharp turn into the bushes. Behind the bushes was a deep dark tunnel. Mythical didn't want to go in there. She really didn't want to go in there. But guess where she was headed? In there.

It seemed like days before they finally saw light again. At least she now knew his name: King Frozenpaw. When they got out of the tunnel, Mythical glanced behind her at the red and brown Arctic wolf. Behind him, Jamaa was nowhere in sight. The fox gulped as she soon found herself at a building.

That's enough for today, I don't really want to write. Check again tomorrow!

*Will make a side-story about him soon enough.

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