HELP. ME. - Evil Emo Wolf

Blood is delicious... MWAHYAHAHAHAAA! So... SATISFYING!!!

Finally, the time has come. The time has come to unleash myself on those whom frequent over to Sarepia Forest. The beta stages had passed by this point, me occasionaly popping out of my hiding spot to KILL some forest doers.

Apparently AJ had foolishly decided to hold an event where all the animals were invited to dress up in the most forest-like fashion as possible. Say, it looked like they were trying to put on camo! It was HARD to pick them out - all of them looked DELICIOUS! Finally, I settled doing it massacre style, my favorite murdering fashion! I pounced on a ferocious lion, and I must say, those guys put up a real fight - yet I still managed to place several cripplingly good injuries on his body! This was not a barbershop murder, yet IT WAS GOOOOD!!!

Suddenly, after I killed about 29 animals, I saw Liza appear with a blinding FLASH of light. 

"Oh poop", I thought. "SHE'S gonna get me!" 

And boy, was I RIGHT.

She said, "Xena, what have you been doing all this time??? MURDER? Well, it's about time the Alphas got you!"

Another FLASH of light came, and I saw the rest of the land alphas - well, at least Greely, Peck, Cosmo, Sir Gilbert, and Graham (Sorry Graham, but most of the time I forget your name). Cowering, I saw the number of regular animals deplete around me. I couldn't MURDER any more animals at the BLOOD SHOWER event!


"Fine," Greely said calmly. "We will."

Suddenly, I felt the feeling of being sucked into some kind of hole or void, then I went unconcious. When I came to, there was the BEAUTIFUL feeling of cold chains around my back-left ankle. It felt so LUXURIOUS, yet I knew I still wanted to kill more animals.

I set to work slowly weakening the chain which held my anklet together with my spike wrist, and even I HAVE to admit that it takes a long time. I believe that the process took about the length of a week, but on the seventh day, I SIMPLY PULLED my back-left leg foward and I was free! Looking around the area, I spotted this wolf whom I heard to be Fman122. Grinning WICKEDLY, I crawled foward, ready to BEAUTIFULLY MURDER HIM!!! He seemed pretty worried, yet calm at the same time. Fman being bounded in chains, IT WAS EASY KILL FOR ME AND EASY DEATH FOR HIM!!!! Stabbing him with my spiked wrist, I felt pleasure in his cries for MERCY which I never answered! Blood spattered onto his chains, his last words being, "Why??? We could've made a perfect pair!!!!". Smiling, I felt the light shine on my body again as I was taken back to Jamaa Township, near the Mira Statue. I uncovered my salon, which was overrun with foilage, and set to work refreshing it and giving it the modern AJ look. Finally, I was ready to begin barbershop murders again.


A young boy, aged 9, was found dead in his room. The cause of death seemed to be by scissor wounds, but the fingerprint evidence was a bit... odd. With the help of forensic scientists, it was determined that no human was invovled, for the fingerprints seemed more paw-like. Conspiracy theorists suggest it was caused by animal spirits, but since when do ghosts leave pawprints behind? Another conspiracy suggests it was caused by Animal Jam itself somehow. AJHQ does admit this could be true, because back in AJ's beta days, there was a salon keeper named Xena, who was a coyote. Xena one day turned dark as she was tending the salon during an emo event. AJHQ was monitoring the salon, and she suddenly turned vicious on the animals and started killing them. Xena then ran off after the massacre was complete. The boy, whose name is Mortan, was held the most praising funereal to bid him farewell. May you rest in peace, Mortan.