NOTICE: Errorscreen is a real person that I met in the Lostjammer's den. He does not talk. I have no clue if he is a real hacker, but if he is, please tell me in the comments! Also, yes, he did scam a persons green mech angel wings, most likely with auto-accept. I last saw him September sometime, and I wonder if he is banned. Also, he DOES flash-trade. I suggest you not to have stuff on your trade list when you are near him... or you could possibly end up scammed.

There was once a server, named Yellowstone. It was to represent Yellowstone National Park, since most servers represent some place in the world.

Yellowstone was a empty server. No one seemed to go there, so AJHQ removed the server. A few years later, it returned, but as the BlOoDy SeRvEr. If you ever see this server, you're in bad luck. It's one of the 5 discovered Dark Servers. People say only 10 more exist. But they say this is the worst server, where many jammers, forgotten in the dust of playing, happy animals, have returned to torture those who did something wrong.


There was once a jammer, whose user was YouNeverKnewMe. They were somehow able to have multi capitals when first making their account. YouNeverKnewMe was kind, and loved Yellowstone National Park, AND scary stories. He was even crazy about Animal Jam hackers. So, he decided to remove all his buddies, look bloody, and scare others. He went around Jamaa, scaring everyone by just sitting there for hours. How did he do this? He was on the computer alot, so all he did was go open another window, do whatever he wanted to do, and returned to the Animal Jam window every few minutes. Whenever a jammer asked him something, all he would say was, "You Never Knew Me". It scared many jammers. AJHQ was notified about him, and he was banned.

He returned, though, by hacking AJHQ's servers. He did the same things he did before. He even felt like hacking. So, he did what he did to AJHQ's servers, only what he did was click on a jammer, open up his hacking system, and it would reveal the password. When the password was revealed, he would begin hacking. He would delete rares, but if they were good enough, he would gift them to his account, since he was able to figure out how Fman gifted as a non-member. He was happy. The last thing jammers saw if they were online before their hacking was either YouNeverKnewMe smiling, or a black screen, with blood dripping down. Real blood. It was their own blood.

YouNeverKnewMe was once again caught, and banned. The first famous hackers had been happy about his hackings, and decided to make a group, called YyouNneverKknewMme.

Years after the YyouNneverKknewMme group, the Yellowstone server returned. Jammers were shocked. When someone would try to go in the server, they were kicked out, and taken to their den, with the message: Sorry, Animal Jam server error#399 occurred, please try again!

This was the start of the BlOoDy SeRvEr.


There was once a arctic wolf. She was very rare. She wore a red party hat, black spike, black worn, elf bracelets, a monthly member gift white elf tail armor with red gems, and was red with a white underside, white eyes, and dark gray lightning marks. She was in Aldan all the time, and made many friends. She was very happy. One day, she logged on with a mysterious Jam-a-Gram, saying "Come follow me. Don't forget to buddy me FIRST!" I wonder who that is? And how could they know my username... did they randomly search up my username? the wolf thought. She replied the Jam-a-Gram with saying "How did you find me?" She got a response saying "Oh, your best friend told me about you... she called you Spirit." The wolf was shocked. "Umm... I don't have any best friends. ALL my friends are my best friend." Spirit replied. "Really? Well just buddy me and hurry up to my den!" The next Jam-a-Gram said. Spirit clicked the username. It was non-member, and yet the person was somehow able to Jam-a-Gram. The username was... Errorscreen? What? How could this be? Spirit had known Errorscreen before this. He had been in Lostjammer's den, just sitting around, flash-trading people. "I can't buddy this person! He might be a real hacker... he once scammed someone's green mech angel wings!" Spirit told herself. She knew rare people like her were the targets of most hackers. Spirit sighed. "Maybe just this one time. I'll have my parent dashboard up just in case he hacks me." Spirit told herself and buddied Errorscreen. "Come to my den now! You took that long to buddy me?" Spirit got a new Jam-a-Gram. She quickly went to Errorscreen's den. She saw blood on the walls of his den. "I got you." Errorscreen murmured. "What?" Spirit asked, confused. He got me?

The two jammers stood there, motionless. "Wait for it..." Errorscreen said. His black eyes flashed blood red, and they shone from the faint light on top of his den that was flashing white and red. Since the jamaalidays were soon, Spirit thought it was a decoration. She was wrong. Her beautiful wolf looked like a arctic version of Errorscreen. "No!" Spirit shouted. She looked into her clothing section, and saw nothing. Spirit cried. "You are one of me now. Let's go to BlOoDy SeRvEr... let's see who's in our trap." Errorscreen said and left, waiting for Spirit to come too.

Spirit followed Errorscreen. She saw tons of Fmans, Losts, Wretcheds, lolkingCenturyies... lots of the hackers from the past. She and Errorscreen were the only black ones with black eyes shaped like ovals. Then, she saw the unexpectable. She saw one of her friends trapped between two Fmans! "No! Let her go!" Spirit shouted. "Never... hehe." One of the Fmans laughed. "You must! Or else... um...." Spirit thought about what she could do. She just saw blood everywhere, as if it was from the jammers that got trapped. "What do you do with the jammers you get?" Spirit asked. "Hack them, then KILL them. This is in honor of YouNeverKnewMe." One Fman said. Spirit looked into the eyes of her friend. Her friend seemed to be saying, do something now!

Spirit wasn't a hacker, and did not know what to do in these situations. Hacking got her no where... and she had no clue how they killed jammers. How did they find their house? Did they even kill them that way, or do they mean kill their ANIMAL, not physical body? Spirit had to find out quick. It was most likely kill their animal, or ban them. Spirit didn't know, but she knew she had to do something to save her friend.


Spirit asked the hackers to keep her friend in a prison. That way, she would have contact with her, and she wouldn't die, get hacked, and get banned. She saw the murder of a poor little wolf. She saw how the hackers did it... they were acting as if they were animals who were killing someone intruding their territory. Spirit stared in horror. "What terrible way to die..." she murmured.

The day turned to night. Spirit was still trapped in the BlOoDy SeRvEr. She knew she could somehow talk to her friend, for night had come and all hackers were asleep. "Spirit?" she heard a faint whisper somewhere. "Hello?" Spirit turned around to see her friend, Flame. "Flame!" Spirit muttered under her breath. Flame's orange eyes glistened, and her beige fur was more brown. She had a orange long spike collar on, black gazelle horns, a black worn, and black elf bracelets. She was a arctic wolf, and her fur was splattered with dark red blood. "Help!" Flame whispered. "I can't, not unless you help me!" Spirit said. She did know Flame couldn't do anything. She was trapped in a cage. But Spirit knew Flame had some great hacking skills - to exit places. "Maybe use your skills... of hacking." Spirit whispered. "No! I forgot them! Please, just get me out! Please!" Flame begged. "Be quiet! I'll try to steal a key to get you out of here... but you can't tell any of these hackers." Spirit warned. "Why would I tell these stupid hackers of what you're doing?" Flame asked, but Spirit ignored her. She then walked to Sol Arcade. "It's in here... but they're also sleeping here." Spirit whispered. She tip-toed until she reached the other side of the Sol Arcade. She saw a glowing light of the key in it's little cage. "A key for a key?" Spirit whispered. She then saw something covered by blue cloth. She slowly lifted the cloth. Another key! She slowly took it from the bloody basket it was in, opened the cage the other key was in and tried to walk out of the Sol Arcade. She accidentally stepped on a Lostjammer's tail. "Oh no..." she whispered. She quickly leaped behind one of the arcade games. She saw one of the Lostjammer's black eyes open. "Who's there?" It said in a deep voice. Other hackers woke up. "What?" A Wretchedjungle asked, sounding annoyed. "Someone stepped on my tail!" The Lostjammer snarled. Another Wretchedjungle woke up. "Maybe it was him," it said, pointing it's muzzle towards a Fman. "Me? Look, I'm aaaall the way over here! So shut up!" It snarled. Spirit panicked. Even though this was just Animal Jam, could they be able to sense her scent? The hackers started cussing and yelling at eachother. Then she saw blood splatter towards her. They were fighting. She heard snarls and roars of the hackers. She peered out from behind the arcade game. The Errorscreen that had guided her there was dead! She saw it lay in a pool of blood. It's eyes had blood dripping out of them. Spirit was scared. I need to get out! she thought.

After a few minutes of the bloody fight, the hackers just ignored eachother. They soon fell asleep, though away from eachother, and not in the large groups that they usually slept in. Some were sleeping above arcade games. One was sleeping on top of the one she was hiding behind! Spirit knew it was asleep, there was nothing to be worried about. She soon tip-toed and was at the entrance, though something was wrong. When Spirit touched the door knob, it would make a creaking sound, which would wake up one of the hackers. She saw one of the Fman's red eyes gleaming. It was awake! It had spotted her. "What are you doing here? What are you doing with that key?" It snarled. Spirit felt as if her heart was falling. She was scared. "Uhm... this? Uh it's.. just something I... uh found." Spirit looked around. "Found, eh? Give it back or else I rip your head off like that Errorscreen!" The Fman snarled. It ran towards her in big leaps. Spirit pawed the door, then decided to open the Sol Arcade's door. She leaped out. She had to reach the Mira statue, which was where Flame's cage was kept. The Fman was only feet away from her. Spirit had no clue what to do. She knew running in circles would tire the Fman, and her! Spirit was right near Flame's cage. "I gotta hurry, he's right here!" Spirit yelled. She opened Flame's cage. The two wolves ran into the Diamond Shop. The Fman stomped into the shop. He spotted the two arctic wolves holding onto the arctic wolf statue in the store's center. The Fman leaped at the statue, clawing it. It was falling apart! The Fman had huge claws and teeth. Flame snarled. "Leave us alone!" she yelled. The Fman was shocked Flame had been used a little defensive tone. "Then go back to your cage." Fman narrowed his eyes as he spoke. "No!" Flame snarled. She leaped off the statue and landed right near the door. Spirit followed, only to land on her side. "Hurry up, Spirit!" Flame yelled. The Fman turned to Spirit, then Flame. Spirit leaped over it, and dashed out the door with Flame. The two ran through Jamma Township and into the Lost Temple of Zios. The two saw lots of the hackers around. "Let's jump up there!" Flame shouted, jumping on top of a tree. It had lots of leaves, and since Flame was a brown color, she would be hidden. Spirit looked at the hackers, who barely noticed them, and the Fman, running towards them. She then leaped up the tree. She almost slipped when she jumped. A few pieces of the tree bark fell onto the Fman's head, and he shook them off. He then looked into the tree. "Quick! Get behind that large leaf!" Flame whispered into Spirit's ear. Spirit tried leaping behind the large leaf, which was on another branch, but only Spirit's paw caught it. She then put her other paw on the branch. Leaves and bark fell. The Fman noticed Spirit. He leaped at the tree, and climbed up. He didn't fall. He clawed Spirit's tail. "Help! Help!" Spirit howled. Flame looked at the hackers gathering below. There mouths were filled with blood. And then Spirit's eyes widened at what she saw Flame do... Flame leaped at the hackers. She clawed them, but there were many of them, and they would most likely be able to kill her. This... it's my fault. The words filled Spirit's mind. She blinked and listened to the growling and snarls around her. "This is the end," she whispered.


Spirit saw Flame's blood stain the hackers. "Stop!" Spirit howled, but the hackers ignored her. She heard Flame whimpering in pain. Then a Errorscreen threw her into the air, and Flame looked limp. Then Flame fell to the ground, and she didn't breath at all. Spirit then let herself fall. She looked at the hackers. "This is your fault!" Snarled the Fman that had chased them. "No... please. She wanted to escape, but then... ugh!" Spirit didn't know what to say. She didn't want to lie. She saw more hackers coming in from Jamaa Township. "Spare me!" Spirit yelled. "Fine, only if you don't do this to any one else trapped! Now go make your fur the color of one of our hackers, since it seems like you've gotten your normal colors and your items back." A lolkingCentury said. Spirit nodded. "Follow me," a Lostjammer said. She followed the Lostjammer into a factory that smelled of paint. "Dye your fur any color here," he said. "Any color? There is only red and black." Spirit snarled. "Just dye your fur!" The Lostjammer snarled. "Fine..." Spirit murmured and chose red as her fur with black splatters. Her eyes had the evil shape. "There, now you must go to the Hacker Meeting Place, or for short, HMP." Lostjammer told Spirit. "Why?" Spirit asked. "Because, now you are becoming a hacker. We will give you hacking skills." Lostjammer said.


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