"I want to rule all Jamaa. I created this plant to pollute the land and smooch life out of its inhabitats. I was the inkeeper who brought you here. And now its time for you to DIE."

But before he could swallow her whole. The doors began to get banged on by an unknown force.

"Huh? Funny. I didn't think that phantoms would try to destroy this pla-"

He didnt even have time to finish when a black and white wolf barged into the false inn.

The doctor

The doctor himself.

The black wolf was mortified, it was an old enemy of his.

"W-who are you?"

said the wolf.

"The name is Doctor Fieryninja, greetings Palagon. Long time no see, old enemy."

"Why are you here? I thought you were fighting against the main phantom forces."

They were eaten by an plant of mine, by the name of Audrey II.

All of a sudden the Doctor fused Palagon to the floor as Black sabbaths electric funeral began playing.


"Audrey II has agreed to eat you for the forces of good. I just had to locate you Palagon, he's here and quite hungry for you."

After that was spoken Audrey II crawled through the doors with some other soldiers and looked at Palagon.

"What do you think Audrey?"

"He's perfect! looks just right to me."

Audrey II then ate Palagon in one bite with his paws still fused to the floor.

Audrey II headed back to the main front and continued the fight against the phantoms.

"Are you alright?"


"Good. whats your name?"


"Ruby, such a beautiful name, like you."

They both smiled as they held paws and looked into each others eyes.

But before they could kiss they were inturrepted by a soldier.

"Doctor we need to leave!!" said the soldier.

"Then we will, with Ruby here!!!!"

They then left, hand in hand, ready to face anything that came across. (The story has a different view in the doctors diary and tells what happens to ruby.)

Blooming Darkness is made by Elise the white swan.

The alternate ending is made by Kosh Naranek. (Not related to the vorlon Kosh Naranek.)

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