{Picture an Anime Scene}

I sat atop the hill full of bright purple lillies, swaying in the wind. I could feel my hair hitting my cheeks. The only thing I could hear, really, was silence, and the sway of wind. My dog, Blu, Sat next to me, his glossy fur not moving. I could tell he was worried. Worried about something. I bit my lip. He always tensed up his muscles when he was guarding me. I reached into my backpack and pulled out a music box. It always played soft gentle music. It reminded me of my mother, her beautiful black curls singing me to sleep

-Note, this will be taking place of The Brink of Time, and Wolf wanted me to rewrite it for her. All credits go to her.

I tied a long vine on Blu' s neck, and walked along the forest path. I could almost feel him dragging me. "Slow down!" I murmured, pulling the vine back. He pressed on, one paw in front of the other. "Blu, stop!" I started to get frustrated, but then he broke loose from the vine and took off. "Blu!" I began to shout, taking off after him. I stared at my feet, trying to make my feet go farther each time. Suddenly I felt my right foot fly behind me, and I fell, face flat. Blood fled down my forehead and ankles. I struggled to get up, face bruised, half my face swollen. I got up and brushed my shirt, sucking in half my bleeding cheek, dashing for Blu.

Then I saw him, chasing a coyote. If he keeps this up, he'll be lead to the pack of the coyotes. I pumped my arms-harder, harder! "Blu!" I shrieked, raising my fists up into the air. He paused to look at me. I pressed my hands against my knees, panting. Blu slowly walked back toward me, his tail swaying left to right. "Thanks a lot," I smiled, pressing my hands against his head. "Now we need a new vine." 

Thankfully, Blu followed me, his golden eyes staring at the ground. I could still feel my heart pounding-about to explode from my chest. "Blu-" I started, gasping for air, "D-Don't ever do that-again." He didn't look at me. "Is everything okay, boy?" I asked. Before he got to respond, we arrived home- a home with a small table with mats, buttercup walls smelling of sugar cane, and two bedrooms. One for me, one for Chiciou. (Father)

Mother died long ago, I still remembered how stiff her body was when she woke up. I remember me screaming, tears flowing down my eyes as I slammed my fist against her body. "Why?" I remember asking. "Why?"

I opened the door, leaving Blu outside, for Father would not approve of him. His gold eyes follow my every move. 

Father is usually never home, he's always at work in the rice fields. Ever since Mother died, he began to show signs of depression, leaving me to take care of myself. I skip dinner, as my stomach is wounded and not really hungry, exactly. I dip my feet in a bowl of cool salt water, the fresh feeling soothing my worn feet. I gently take them out and remove the liquid that is left with a warmed towel. When I stand up and go to bed, I can hear Blu crying outside, he must be lonely-or maybe hungry. "He'll be fine," I tell myself, pulling a thin sheet above my head. It hurts to hear him. Eventually my eyes close, and I drift off into dreams. I have a peculiar dream, where my clothing is all off, and I'm running across the street for a place to hide. Sometimes I'm just so stupid. I'm running, behind vending stands, one hand across my chest and one covering my bottom. Then my clothes are back on, and nobody seemed to notice that my clothes were even off. I wake up, sweating and shocked. The night sky still hovers above, but I can't sleep. Slowly I lean off the bed, feet on the cold wood floor. I look outside. Blu Isn't there.

I pull on Brown leather boots and stick a knife in my right boot. If something happens, least I'll be safe.

I can hear my feet crunching from dry leaves and old nuts on the ground. I shiver. I dig in my coat pockets for my flashlight, and feel the hard surface, and as I pull it out, I can hear a high-pitched yelp.


I gasped. 

I sprinted as far as my legs could carry me. What if he was hurt? I see a shadow, appearing to rip something apart. Once it sees me, it runs off with multiple shadows. I run over to where the creature was.

And there was Blu, lying on the ground, bleeding, helpless. He looked at me this time, he eyes meeting mine. Slowly they begin to close.

"No, no! Blu-no!" I find myself shrieking, flinging my body over his. I pick him up, and carry him home. Blood stains over my hands. He's not dead, he's just injured. I hope so.

This is originally from Moonbear, she just never continued it.

Blu looks up at me, his eyes shooting a blast of death. "Wait, no!" Tears fall from my eyes, and I wave my hand over his. And this time, for sure, I know.

He's gone.


I felt as if the sky took me. My bones shattered to the ground. I can still hear them clanging. I can hear the rain drip on my fur. Where is my human going? My eyes are blurry, I cannot see. But I can see her shadow running off. She appears angry. She looks exhausted. I need her. I need her back. What did I do that made her so angry? It cannot possibly be my fault that I am hurt. I am getting up now, I am looking to the sky now. Wait, I wish I could say. But my bark seems to have left me. I cannot speak again.

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