"You cannot do ANYTHING to my sons... Even if you try to kill me."

The black kintamani dog growled, standing over two pale fawn-and-white pups with yellow eyes. The two pups fearfully huddled together under their father. The black dog's brown eyes shifted from animal to animal. In front of him were three arctic wolves. The pups whined, huddling together in fear of the strange wolves. The black dog let out a snarl.

"FOR THE LAST TIME! We did NOT steal ANYTHING from you!" The dog snapped. "And I'm only showing my sons the territory that they will own in the future!"

"Lies!" The largest wolf responded sharply, paws shifting. "You stole the gem! Now, it's your fault that we lost half of our power!"

"I have not set ONE PAW on your land. I have not taken anything from YOU. You have taken things from US!"

"SILENCE!" The arctic wolf snarled, leaping. The she-wolf sunk her teeth into the dog's shoulder, causing the other three to leap. The two pups darted as the three wolves brought the dog down, pinning their father. The pups watched in horror, seeing what was commencing in the distance.

Howls split the air. The sounds of pawsteps began to fill the air as dogs rushed out from the empty city. Before they knew it, a snapping sound rose up. They gasped, some of them stopping in their tracks. Blood gushed out of a wound on the black dog's throat, the largest wolf's jaws clamped shut. The dog flailed, another wolf pinning it down. Slowly, the dog took large breaths, whining. Blood spilled against the gray-ish grass.

Dogs began rushing over, angrily barking. The pups cried as they watched the crowd of dugs pelt at the three wolves. The strangers were overwhelmed by the amount of dogs that came at them. The leader of the three beckoned them to fight back, and they did. Quickly, they decided to flee after tons of dogs began attacking, knocking them off their paws. The wolves fled in the distance, dogs chasing after them. The pups covered their ears as three howls shot up, the sounds of three dying wolves, too weak to fight.

Canines began to head back, sad expressions planted on their faces. Their ears drooped as they gazed at the dead black dog, their leader. The two pups rushed over, tears rushing down their cheeks.

"Dad! No!" The older one whined. "Please... no..."

"I... I'm sorry, you two.." A brown shikoku dog said, head lowering. "The mother-dogs will take care of you. Everything will be okay.."

"Everything will be OKAY!?" The pup thought. Anger began swirling in his stomach, as if a tornado was starting inside of him. He felt like destroying everything in his path, just knocking everything over. A storm raged in his mind, grief and irritation rushing through his veins. His claws dug into the ground as his eyes widened, tears rushing down his cheeks.

"I will make them pay one day... And I will avenge your death," the pup whispered, nobody being able to hear him clearly. Dogs around him howled in sadness, mourning the death of their leader.

"I will make them pay for what they have done... I will show them what true power is when I'm leader. I promise, Daddy..."

I will make them pay."

Anjing's eyes slowly opened. The kintamani dog's yellow eyes very dimly glowed as light shined in through the windows of the broken-down skyscraper. The canine yawned, tongue curling as it rose from the ground, stretching. The fawn-and-white canine slowly padded out of the room is was in, leaving the large, ripped pillow it lay on, a blanket with many holes over it.

The canine quickly walked down a long, wide wooden plank, stepping over a pile of bricks and wood. Because the majority of the skyscraper had collapsed and fell over, it wasn't as tall, meaning that Anjing could go down quicker.

Padding out of the building, the leader was greeted by a few very large dogs with thick fur on their necks, as if they were manes. The kintamani dog padded down the dusty, broken city streets, watching dogs slowly pad out of buildings. Some were already training the apprentice dogs, practicing new moves and dodges. Anjing was proud of the army he lead, head of a massive group of strong canines that have been training for years, ready for any attack.

"Sir, is there anything you need?" A very pale ginger Korean jindo asked. Anjing shook his head, the dog nodding in response.

Anjing looked up to see black crows flying through the gray-blue sky. A feeling of sorrow slowly crept upon him for some reason. He couldn't think of what this would mean or why he was having this feeling.

It was the spot of his father's death.


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