Box 'o phantoms-0

About the Box:

The box appears to be dark gray and titled 'Box 'O Phantoms'. Whenever you click on the box, a random phantom item is given to you. If you put the phantom item on/in your den, you view yourself and every Jammer as a phantom. It's a fun little box, but it only gives one phantom item per user so use the item wisely!

The Box 'O Phantoms has been reported 'extinct' from the game of Animal Jam, never to be known again by any Jammer, or few, if they have ever had seen the box. - Professor Loopyjammer.

The Box Appears to Rosy Muddycheetah.

Rosy Muddycheetah, a normal Jammer like you and me, was mysteriously gifted this box, the Box 'O Phantoms, on a rainy, spooky, night. The 'jammer' who sent it toher was called Phantomlover2003 but he 'didn't exist' in the game, or did he?

Rosy, being a curious and brave jammer, set the box in her den and began poking around, clicking on the box, taking pictures of it, and writing things down about it. Rosy clicked on the box and recieved a Rare Phantom Hat. She put the hat on, enjoying its stylish look. Just den, she became a phantom, and the transformation was slow and creepy.

First, the den glowed an eerie red, and black swirls went around Rosy. She clicked but realized she coudn't move. Phantoms started dancing around her, chanting something like 'NYAH NYAH NYAH'. But as Rosy transformed some more, sprouting the phantom's tentacles and turning black, the chant became more clear to her. They were calling out her name. 'ROSY! ROSY! ROSY!'

At this point, Rosy screamed as she watched her animal being transformed into a HUGE phantom, with one bulging red eye and sharp claws at the end of her tentacles. The phantom was an unnatural white, and covered with splats of red. Was that blood, or was it a pattern?

The eerieness died away, and everything turned back to normal. Her animal was still a cheetah, thank goodness, and was still was wearing the white phantom hat with one big, red button in the middle. She could move around now! The phantom box was still in her den, and it glowed with an eerie red. Rosy ignored it, and clicked on Jamaa Township, which had a picture of a phantom tearing apart dens.

As soon as Rosy reached Jamaa Township, the chaos erupted. Huge phantoms with gleaming rows of teeth captured Jammers and swallowing them whole, leaving only spatters of red on the ground. Rosy was petrified with fear, and watched in horror as Jammers and dens were being torn apart. A phantom cracked open a den with two little bunnies shivering with fear, and grabbed the bunnies, plopping them into his big mouth, and leaving splotches of red and wrecked furniture behind.

Rosy Muddycheetah only thought of one way to stop this: deleting the box. She ran to her den, which stood out perfectly against the red splatters and rubble and damaged furniture. She edited her den, and tried to delete the box, but the box couldn't be deleted. "You'll have to pay a price to save Jamaa.." hissed a voice behind her. It was Phantomlover2003, the 'jammer' who sent her the item. And with that, Phantomlover leaped on Rosy and they were never seen again.

Jamaa was saved, thanks to the brave (and foolish) act of Rosy. She could've declined the item and delted the Jamagram, but her curiosity brought danger to Jamaa. By giving her life to save the lives of MILLIONS of Jammers, she knew before she gave her life that she was doing the right thing. A statue of Rosy was placed in Jamaa furniture, along with the history about what happened and what she did. The Box 'O Phantoms was deleted, this time once and for all, and was never heard of again......Or was it?