(BTW Sorry if this is like the coral canyons story.)


One day, Victory Majorspirit was trotting through Mt. Shiveer, wanting to hop on the ice. It was so close to breaking, only needing 2 or 3 more Jammers. Unfortunately, the Bunnies, Wolves, Foxes, and Arctic Wolves would NOT allow it. "Foxes, Arctic Wolves, Bunnies, and Wolves ONLY!" They shouted. Victory was a seal, but she decided to hop on the ice anyways. A fox, Rosy Cleverclaws, said "SEAL GET OFF!" As soon as Rosy had pressed enter, about 30 Jammers fell into the water.

The Jammers were in an underwater room, the title of the map being "Drowning". All of the Jammers, being Land-only animals, has bubbles coming out of their mouths and when they tried to "swim", they would attempt to doggy-paddle to the top. The animals were unable to switch or leave the room. One of the first Jammers to fall, a bunny named Happy Coolpaw, started to float down, her eyes automatically turning to an X.

Every Jammer was scared. Victory didn't want it to end this way. When she swam nearby a Jammer, she was able to pick them up. She was only able to save a few Jammers, and they were drowning quickly. An Arctic wolf started to drown, and Victory was right underneath them. Her face was in the Arctic Wolf's mane, Victory being unable to move. Victory had suffocated and stopped struggling. The last Jammers underwater had drowned.

There were no other Jammers in Mt. Shiveer. The Four Jammers that Victory saved, Rosy Cleverclaws, Awesome Thewolf, Major Majormajor, and Magical Loopymaster, A Fox, Arctic Wolf, Wolf, and Bunny stood together around Mt. Shiveer's ice. "She saved our lives.." Rosy said. "Yeah, is she coming out?" Awesome asked, feeling guilty. "It's been a while..." Major said. "When she comes back, we should Thank her." The four agreed to buddy each other. Magical decided to look up Victory's username, Coolc101, but when he checked, There was only the grey tiger icon.

Immediately, for all the Jammers, a screen popped up with Victory's avatar on it, saying "i WiLl GeT rEvEnGe!1!." A second later, they all got logged off. Whenever those four Jammers looked up Animal Jam, The website was disabled for them.


(c) Moon281

Only edit Grammar and Spelling. Unless you get my permission, you may not edit this story. I do not own Animal Jam. The only thing I own is the plot and the characters. Thanks for reading!

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