Nighttime came in Jamaa. The sky turned a deep purple-blue, and the stars were starting to appear. The mountains looked like silhouettes, and so did the trees. Two jammers sat under an oak tree, gazing up at the stars.

"Wow," said one of the jammers. "Little, you were right. The stars out here do look beautiful."

Little nodded. "I promised I'd take you here, Blossom, and here we are now." The jammer smiled, and his blue gaze drifted over to his friend Blossom. "Hey, can I tell you something?"

"What?" said Blossom, her eyes fixed on the sky. 

"Do you see that huge star up there?" 

"Yeah, that's not a star. That's Jupiter."

"Oh, well..." Little said, embarrassed. He looked up at the sky. A flash of light flew across the sky, and Little immediately turned to Blossom. "Did you see that?" he asked excitedly. Blossom nodded, her amber eyes bright. "I made a wish," she said. "I wished that one day I'd be able to go back home." She turned to Little. "What did you wish for?" 

Little smiled, and he said, "I wished that you would never leave." 

Blossom shook her head. "If your wish was for me not to leave, and my wish was for me to leave, then..." She got up and ran towards the forest. 

Little stood up as well, worried. "Where are you going?" He yelled. Blossom didn't stop. In a flash of light, she grew, sprouted wings, a long muzzle, a long tail, and claws. Her fur turned into pitch-dark scales, and her once amber eyes turned into violet orbs. 

Little gasped. "I...I told her not to...not to turn into...t...that dragon again!"  he stuttered, and he almost fell back. Blossom took one look back, screeched, and with a flap of her giant wings she flew off. Little watched as the dragon flew off into the night, its scales glowing bright.

Little sighed. "Sadly, I cannot control her. The dark magic inside her is no match for my powers." He sat back down on the grass, watching the sky. 

As the first colors of dawn painted the sky, Little decided to get up and walk back to his den. He hadn't seen Blossom the whole night, and he thought she was gone for good. He heard of woosh of air and he turned around. It was Blossom. 

The dragon's violet eyes shone brighter than ever, and she gave Little a toothy grin. She started making strange noises, as if trying to tell him something, then motioned for him to follow her. Little nodded, and walked alongside the dragon and into the forest.

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