Animal Jam~Broken Bones~Creepypasta by frosted-windowpanes

Chapter One: It wouldn't hurt to try

I was playing as my main wolf, Infinity Ivyclaws. "Trade me!" my avatar yowled to the sky of Jamaa Township. I had been wanting a Rare Headdress since I joined, and this was one of my many futile attempts to get it. A few minutes later, a seal named Eternal hopped into the Township."Please come help us break the ice at Mt. Shiveer!" he said. "We're so close! We only need a few more people!" Now, I had heard of the ice on the faithful mountain. I had tried many a time to shatter it, but to no avail. "It won't work!" I told the seal. "It never does!" The seal did his sit animation towards me. "it won't hurt to try! A fox there says you get free rares!" That perked my ears up. "Really?" I typed. The seal did his smile emoji. "Yeah, come on!" There's a chance I could get my headdress... It wouldn't hurt to try! I thought. I warped to Mt Shiveer via map. The seal was right, the ice was doing animations that I'd never seen it do before! It wasn't just cracking, it was GONE around the edges! The gap wasn't large enough for a bunny to get through, though, so the jammers still hopped. My jaw dropped. "I didn't even know that was possible!!!" I typed, using two more "!"'s than usual. A fox used the "cool" emoji. "Ikr!1!! Come hop wiyth us!!!!!1!" Despite his terrible grammar, I reluctantly jumped on. The ice groaned with effort. I wondered what breaking the ice would do. Perhaps it would put rares back in stores? Maybe give them to the breakers of the ice exclusively? That'd be awesome! I'll record this! I thought to myself. Just imagine how many views I'd get for breaking the ice! I turned on my recorder. I could have sworn I saw my wolf jumping higher and harder. Perhaps he was just excited as me! I examined the ice on my computer screen more closely. It looked like a butterfly would make it break. "Eternal!" I called to the seal who was still cowering on the grass. "Come join us, we're so close to breaking the ice!" The seal on my screen frowned for a second. Weird. "no thanks, i think i'll stay over here." Eternal said. An arctic wolf near me used the laugh emotion. "What, u scared of a game?" he said. "I'm so close to a spike pleasse seal" he howled. "sigh" Eternal typed. He leaped on the creaking ice.

I wish I had stopped him.

Chapter Two: Falling

scary things ahead

The cold, hard ice shattered beneath my wolf's feet. A horrible wailing sound blasted out of my speakers, which I immediately turned off. A new animation followed, all of the animals falling down a deep, dark pit. I flailed my fingers on my keys, but it didn't do anything. Ice shards were falling all around us. One hit a giraffe in the head. A red liquid dripped down his skull, and he was still the rest of the ride down. A small, pink bunny was hit in the back, her lifeless corpse hitting every rock and twig the tunnel had to offer. Suddenly, the screen went black. I was scared, but not for myself. I was 13 at the time, so the digital blood was not terrifying. I was scared for the 7 year olds who were jumping on the ice. The brutal images would have scarred them for life. Before I could linger on it any longer, the screen lit up with rare items. My wolf was standing on a heap of them, including the rare headdress I once worshiped like a god. My avatar was lucky, he landed on something soft. The arctic wolf who teased Eternal was impaled by 3 rare spiked collars. Eternal himself was dead too, he landed head first in a pile of skullies. The carcasses of the animals who died on the way down were mangled, surrounded by ice. I closed my eyes. Why is this happening?I thought.A few rares aren't worth...this. The fox with terrible grammar lifted her head. Looks like she lived too. Two more animals were standing too, an elephant with cuts all over her and an eagle who seemed to have broken his wings on the fall down. "Where are we...?" the elephant whispered. A bubble popped up at the top of the screen, like how they do in adventures.

eSCapE. BEfoRe SHE fiNDs yOU

Chapter 3: you can't

The screen shifted to how it would look in a regular adventure, a 3rd person view with a wide camera angle. The bruised elephant, fox and eagle were in my party, though their sprites were horribly mangled. The pile of brutally hard rares was still near by, fresh 'blood' on the floor. I gagged. I walked my avatar to the corpse of Eternal, the now silent seal.

I could have sworn I saw a pixelated tear, falling slowly to the ground.

The bright orange fox interrupted my thoughts by walking over Eternal's body. He slid a crimson spike collar out of Eternal's stomach, and onto his scratched neck. There was a gleam of triumph in the fox's virtual eyes, and I could see a flare of outrage in my wolf's. "I knw we wood gt rares!1!" he haughtily remarked. "I got wat i came for. im out. lol bye." A few moments passed in silence, the fox remaining on the screen. The battered fox's tail drooped. "guys," he said, shaking. "I cant log off." My pupils dialated. What? I clicked the log out button on my screen. No effect. I started mashing it, hoping the strength of my fingers would somehow let me escape. Nothing happened. I attempted to x-out the tab. Nothing. CTRL+Q, Reboot, everything I tried did nothing. Goosebumps trickled down my skin. "What is happening?!" the broken eagle screamed. The message on the top of the screen changed.

HA. HA HA HA HA HA. it read.

As quickly as it came, it left, replaced with another message.

'GReeD GReEd gREeD' was the new sentence.

yOU caNt eSCaPe ME, sELfISH jAMMerS!


My wolf began to cry.


Updates coming soon, I swear! Don't eat meee T-T

-frosted (bonsaii's new name)

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