Broken Sky

Based on real events…

As lots of you know, in Animal Jam, many people believe the rumour of hopping on Coral Canyon’s bridge will break it if there are the right amount of players needed. However, I don’t. I have tried many times but it has never worked for me.

One day I spawned in Aldan, the busiest server in the game. I was in Coral Canyons, believe it or not, as Jamaa Township was full, like always. My first job to do was to buy a royal archway from the eagle shop, located at the top of the cliff. I needed it for the music video I was working on, so I moved my player to the bridge, ready to turn into my owl to reach the shop. Something caught my eye, however. There were many jammers hopping on the bridge, looking as if they were enjoying themselves as chunks of the bridge fell away. I always wondered why Animal Jam added the chunks falling, because none of the bridge actually moves. Anyway, back to my point. In the sky, just above the bridge, towards the left, I saw a crack. It looked like the crack that would appear on the bridge after about 4 jammers hopped on it. There were the classic chunks of rock falling out as well as the original ones falling off the bridge. I laughed, Animal Jam these days, always glitching.

I started to hammer on my keyboard to the other players, who all seemed oblivious to the fact that the sky was broken. A message popped up saying, “Chatting has been turned off, ask your parent to change your account settings in their parent dashboard if you want to return to restricted chat!” *Facepalm* I forgot! My mum changed my settings because she was worried about my safety. She has always been OTT with things like that. I shrugged, turned into my owl and moved closer to the glitched sky. Suddenly the loading screen popped up as if I had been teleported to a different place. I was puzzled. Was the sky a new portal for something? There wasn’t anything in the news about it though… A feeling of unease spread throughout my body, but I ignored it. Probably an early April fools thing from Animal Jam. They never release things on time…

I was spawned in a black room. My eyes flickered up to the name tag of the place I was in. The Untitled Room. My eyes widened. Only once I found out about the Untitled Room, but I never knew how to get in. I have never actually been in it. I was scared. Suddenly a pure black wolf appeared in the Untitled Room. It had a nametag, but there was no writing on it. I let out a whimper: the Lost Jammer! A speech bubble popped up above its head. It read: Sit comfortably, and listen to my story.

Lost jammer 1
Animal jam untitled room pic

A video box popped up, like the one when AJHQ comes out with a new video. The name of the file was 1052-lost-046637-jammer. I could only watch, the exit button was grey. The video started, it was AJHQ explaining to the camera: “We are creating a special account for Lee, our newest member. He will be the first one to test the new animal – the Coyote.” A lean, skinny figure walked onto the screen. This must be Lee. His face was shadowed, but I could make out dark eyebrows and faint sideburns. He seemed excited. The camera faded, quickly changing to another clip. A man was explaining something around a desk. He was saying, with a sad tone to his voice, “In honour of Cami*, I would like to add an item to the game: her toy frog. We should call it Cami’s frog. I noticed that this “Lee” was there, but only the back of his head was visible. There were murmurs of agreement from the other members of staff. “So it’s agreed, we will add Cami’s frog to the game,” the man with the sad voice said, but now a little happier. “Yes, we will work on it straight away!” came a deep croak from somewhere in the room. “Good,” the man smiled, “Let’s start!”

“What about the Coyote?” someone asked. I guess it was Lee, since he was the only one who had mentioned it. “Urm…” an awkward voice said, “It will have to wait…”

Animal jam cami frog
The video faded again, this time to a night vision camera. It was Lee. He was alone. He was by a computer. His raspy voice was as soft as thunder, and as quiet as a mouse. “Whoever is watching this, you can hand me in to the cops. This is proof of what I’m about to do…” He turned the camera to the computer screen. It was full of codes, random numbers and letters. He clicked a few buttons, then a list popped up. It was all the items in the Animal Jam den shop! He clicked on “Cami’s frog” and deleted it. I gasped, how could he! He removed Cami’s frog from the stores! I watched him delete all the memory of the item. Poor Cami… I murmured. Suddenly, a message popped up on the screen, it read: “I had a family once. A wife and a child. They died in a car accident. There was no memory of them put into this game I love. That’s why I did it. I want my own memorial of MY family!” My computer faded to black. I quickly switched on my tablet and started rapidly typing out an e-mail to AJHQ. I told them what I had witnessed. 35 hours, 27 minutes and 1 second later, (yes, I counted) they replied with:

Dear Maddie7295,

We know about that event, it happened many years ago when the game first came out. We never added the coyote, for Lee’s punishment. We knew he loved the game, but after what he did, we let him explore only one room. A room that has no name. He is known as the lost jammer, to many. He can’t do anything. We don’t know why he’s still playing. Thank you for contacting us about this incident, we will be happy to make any repairs to your account.

Yours sincerely, the whole of AJHQ

They knew. They knew all this time! They did a good job of covering it up. Just then, my computer powered up again. The lost jammer was there. He said:

You must want to know why I’m still playing. The only thing that keeps me going is the fact that I was promised, stupidly, by AJHQ, that I could swap with ANY jammer that entered my private room. I was not on, sadly, when all those people were in. But now, you’re here.

He did the smiley emote: 

Now it’s your turn.

You were gone for too long and got logged out! Click OK to play again!


Thanks to lunamouse23 for creating The Forgotten!

   * For Cami's Story click here: [[1]]

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